Finished Artist - Projects As Needed for Annual Reports
Remote projects and onsite projects in Melbourne
- Annual Report Finished Art
- Projects will be as required, short and long term

Annual Report season is ramping up already - This studio (And others) are planning schedules.
I'm making sure I know all of the people that are around to call on for Annual Reports.

Senior Finished Artists with strong experience across annual reports, environmental reports and sustainability reports.

There will be a number of reports happening across July, August and September.

There will potentially be some overtime if you're up for some extra paid hours.

We want to see that you have substantial experience and skills in some or all of the following areas relating annual reports:

- Finished art to press ready
- Working with templates and styleguides
- Design roll out and layout
- Long text layout
- Financial layout
- Charts and graphs
- Ensuring corporate style is adhered to
- Strong eye for detail

We look forward to seeing multiple examples of annual reports in your folio, clearly outlining your involvement in the projects.

If you are the kind of Finished Artist who works across multiple annual reports a year, please apply now.

Should you have a complex question preventing you from applying, please get in touch with Mathew NOW via email.