Digital Designer for Branding Campaign
Working from home with a busy digital company
Upcoming freelance project - 2 to 4 months

- HTML Coding
- Motion animation
- HTML 5 banners
- Video editing
- Design for social

Do you want to be working on creative digital campaigns with solid budgets?
Do you get a kick from working on social media content, animations and editing videos?

This digital design opportunity will be working with a fast moving tech company that need to bring some of the design inhouse - so to speak. You'll be working from home like the rest of the team - with access to the rest of the tech savvy team.

There will be branded and creative content to push your skills. The briefs will be varied across the digital space, any background in traditional design is a bonus but not necessary.

If you want to work on quick and exciting projects - lets talk.

Update your Artisan profile - I will need to see folio examples of the above for you to be considered.

Should you have a complex question preventing you from applying, please get in touch with Mathew NOW via email.