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Coming from a creative family, it was clearly obvious that Khue was going to become our newest A-List from the moment we saw his folio. Meet Khue!

What sparked your passion for design? 
Comic books and cartoon. I grew up with them and... I still have a complete set of little blue smurfs books! 

How creative were you as a youngster?   
I started drawing and painting in Vietnam when I was 14 and until I was 23 I earned my living as a painter, so yeah, I'd say I was pretty creative as a youngster.  

Do you come from a creative family?  Were they supportive of your desire to be a designer?
Yes. 6 out of 7 in my family are artists! My parents are both artists and art teachers. They never forced us to study art and they supported us in any direction we choose to follow... it just so happened that we followed our parents footsteps (except for my brother who became a welder and made all the money!)

What sort of education and training have you had?
5 year undergraduate degree from Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts (Vietnam) 
BA Graphic Design from Monash University 

Who did you want to work for when you first entered the industry?
Emery Vincent. I love their style and their work!

Tell us about your first project and what do you feel about it now?
Wow...I don't remember any particular project but I have great memories from my first job after uni with OnTheBall Group. I learnt a lots there, and I am always grateful that my boss Geofrey Duguid gave me a chance to work, to learn and to grow! I am forever grateful that I learned there's always a way do work smarter if you're willing to look and to learn. And that 'old fashioned' discipline goes a long way too. Once again, I am forever grateful – thank you Geoff!  

What is your preferred software to work with and what has been the greatest advancement in technology over the past 5 years? Apart from Photoshop and Illustrator? InDesign comes in a close third! For me, I think that PDF proofs are fantastic! No more wasted paper and ink.

What are the various mediums that you’ve worked with and is there any that you would like to explore? 
Most of my work has been print based, although I recently was involved with designing products such as cooler bags, baby bags and bean bags. Great fun and I would definitely love to learn more about product design.

Is digital technology going to eliminate the need for print?
Not really. Most people I know outside of graphic design still like to touch, feel and buy books and I can't see that changing for a long time.

Whose work do you really admire and why?
Anyone's work that make me smile either because of its wit or pure and simple beauty!

Who has been the greatest person that you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and what have they taught you? I have learned so much from so many people around me – some inspirational while others more technical. I always take away at least one or two great friends from where ever I've worked.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
I still love my job!! Sounds a bit sucky I know but luckily for me its still true and quite an achievement. Apart from that, a recent highlight was my first solo exhibition opened in 2006 which almost sold out!!

How would you describe your work?
What can I say... art is so subjective! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... I prefer to let others look at my work and come up with their own opinions, and if they said "conceptually strong" I'd be well satisfied.

What are your plans for the future? 
I'll continue to give my very best whatever I am doing and stay prepared to follow that where it might lead... I do believe in luck and that we need to be open to new opportunities.

What sort of company would you like to work with next?
Anywhere creative, with good environment where people enjoy working there.

What is your opinion of Australian design?
My partner is a lawyer and I've learned the dangers of generalising but we do have a lot of great designers here in Australia and I am proud to be Australian!

What is your creative outlet outside of design?
Painting, drawing and cooking.

What is the best designed bar in Melbourne?
I'm not the right person to ask because I am allergic to alcohol!

What are your top 5 websites at the moment?
I don't have any.

What CD are you currently listening to and is it any good?
Enzo Enzo. Beautiful old French songs, what's not to love!

If I was a font, I’d be...? Trajan. Classic. Elegant.

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