What Are TikTok Resumes and Are They Here to Stay?

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TikTok Resumes are a novelty that has grown and grown and become an interesting tool for job seekers around the world. Everything kicked off in July 2021 when TikTok launched the pilot for TikTok Resumes.

It is a creative way to let the world know you are available, 62% of TikTok users are 10-29 years old - meaning this platform is primarily for entry-level jobs. Both Snapchat and Facebook added recruitment and job posting capabilities to their platforms in 2017, and LinkedIn has been a long-time platform for networking, job searching, and recruiting. So it should be no surprise that Gen-Z job seekers are now turning to TikTok to find their first jobs.  Candidly the platform won’t get you ahead in an industry that requires experience or in-depth knowledge, but it is way to let the world know you’re ready for work.

Let’s pre-forward this with letting you know, currently TikTok resumes are not considered a formal job application, however moving forward it could be a viable career opportunity for Gen Z for positions in marketing, sales, creativity and art.


What are TikTok Resumes?


TikTok resumes are entirely in video format. Condensed into 60-second short form videos, users are creating content that features their main skill-set, past experience, and future career goals.


What are the PROS of TikTok Resumes?

1. You can actually grasp personality from the candidate, it’s only 60 seconds, but in that you can grasp a first impression.

2. Its digestible, meaning candidates need to be concise and condense the information they want to get across.

3. It’s relevant, this will be a great platform for content creators and digital media positions.

What are the CONS of TikTok Resumes?

1. There is a potential for bias, in a world where companies are actively working to reduce hiring bias this allows companies to judge you based on a first impression which may not highlight your soft and hard skills.

2. You might not even be seen, except from Gen Z scrolling through the platform. If hiring managers aren’t spending their time on TikTok you’re just not going to be seen.

3. This platform really isn’t for everyone. A video resume may not be the best fit for you. If you’re not confident on camera, it’s best not to use this method.


Let’s be real, TikTok is a powerhouse and will be around for the foreseeable. If this is something you want to try, go ahead give it a go. If you are looking for freelance gigs, a career change or your next challenge then you’re in the right place, at Artisan we have been placing the best talent in Australia in the biggest brands for over 23 years! 

Get your profile set up and get your resume uploaded and we can get you working without the need to scroll through TikTok.


Get your profile set up and get your resume uploaded and we can get you working without the need to scroll through TikTok.