Being Part of Team Artisan

Artisan is a recruitment agency like no other to join. Our clients and candidates want to be with us and our competitors want to be us. Having been in the thick of it for over 23 years we absolutely believe in our presence in the creative and digital community, our candidates and our core values. 


Autonomy, transparency and respect is what we offer in return for someone who is ready to be an active share in a supportive, energetic and dynamic team. 


Being technology driven our resources, processes and support that come with being a part of Team Artisan will not only reward and elevate you in your recruitment career but also in the creative and digital community because we have a significant presence and work hard to grow and sustain our trusted industry advisor status.


Team Artisan are creative community champions, business savvy and always ready to learn, if you want to pay a role and share in the rewards of what we offer, join the Team Artisan now. 





What you get with Team Artisan



Rewards and Compensation

Show me the money! Our bonus structure is better than industry average as a company we work on higher margins, which results in higher rewards, and directly effects your potential OTE.


Work/Life Balance


As a business Artisan offers you autonomy over your work and the ability to set your own pace. As long as deliverables are met flexibility is on offer. We support our employees personal activities and understand everyone has a life outside of work. We strive to ensure our employees have a healthy work/life balance. 




We ain’t going nowhere. Artisan has a long 23 year history in industry, we have survived the GFC and survived through the 2020 pressure. We did this by remaining dynamic, innovative and supportive of each other. Our supportive environment, agile way of working and flat structure has resulted in us having a high staff rendition rate.




Location, location, location… Who cares! Wherever you feel comfortable working, that is where you lay your desk. Before the #WFH necessity we were already equipped to do so, ahead of our time, we had the technology and the communication systems. Feel free to head to the beach, as long as you are present for your hours and get results.


Communication and Respect


R. E. S. P. E. C. T. Collaboration and transparency! Our flat business structure, collaborative nature and ability to work autonomously means that if you give respect you will get it back. Meeting twice a day, we remain absolutely transparent and ensure everyones voice is heard , with no opinion shut down. 


Education and Up-Skilling 


We truly believe in improving and learning as a team. If we see an opportunity and need to up-skill in an area, as a team we will work together to educate ourselves.


Our Systems and Processes 


Artisan have tried and tested processes, systems and methods that have been developed over 23 years. With a custom built portal, efficient/agile processes, automation and the largest creative and digital workforce database in Australia. We have the best, but are still open to the rest as a business we share resources with each other and work together or the good of the business and each other. 


Technology Driven and Environmentally Conscious


We are technology driven in our processes, which mean that we are always innovating, improving or customer journey and staying ahead of our competition. Our ability to be technology driven has meant we are also a paperless company and have environmental champions within the organisation. 


 Inclusion and Diversity

It takes a whole lot to make the world spin and the more perspectives we have the more we grow. As a team we are welcoming, nurturing and open.



Team Artisan Employee Values


Creative Community Leadership


‘We thrive on not only being active members of the creative community, but also in leading the thinking on how to engage the right creative talent to prosper. We are defined as much by our own creative genius as we are by the creative talent we unlock for clients.’


Reciprocal Treatment


‘We embrace the notion of walking a mile in the other persons’ shoes. Genuine care is the foundation of all our relationships, and we know we will get back in proportion to what we give. Recruiting from the heart is fundamental to who we are.’


Believe in the Process


‘We believe 100% in the power of what we do. We have honed our processes to deliver rigour and sophistication in how we connect with, and place creative talent. Having a well experienced team who are comprehensively trained and disciplined in applying proven processes brings a certainty to what we do. Adding our experienced, intuitive feel on top, gives us the edge.’


Business Savvy


‘We know the ultimate motivation for our clients in recruiting great talent is to build a successful business. Understanding the dynamics of building viable and rewarding businesses enables us to play a more proactive and meaningful role as advisors and partners.’


Add value or get out the way


‘We work hard to truly understand needs, and we work smart to find the right solution. Adding value means we never simply opt for the easy response, rather always the one that will provide a sustainable win for all concerned. The ultimate success of our candidates and clients determines our own success. Nothing more, nothing less.’




‘No one is ever left guessing. Forever respectful, but with an honesty that is powerful and liberating in building trusted relationships.’



Team Artisan Beliefs


Creatives are changing the world


Today all over the world creative people are transforming everyday lives. We need to continue to expand the opportunities for matching he right creative minds with organisations and opportunities where they can excel. We specialise in creatively focused industries because it is what we love, and we are buoyed by wonder of what creative minds can bring to the world. 


Successful creative businesses are needed


In a world that is experiencing disruptive change on almost every font, having access to the best creative talent imaginable becomes even more important. Likewise to have organisations where creative talent can thrive is equally important. We believe that there is a need to assist creative clients to build prosperous and sustainable business so that ‘organisational hotbeds of creativity’ are in place to engage diverse creative talent and ultimately foster their creative craftsmanship.


Optimum means optimum


As advisors, our mind-set always had to be focused on what is the optimum way clients can engage the creative talent they need. Finding the best way means we literally have to not only understand different needs, but that we must also offer different solutions. Flexibility, agility and different possibilities enhance our ability to deliver the optimum outcome. Talent needs for a day through to a lifetime, it is about finding the optimum solution every time. 


Honesty breeds trust


Even is it means we miss out on a gig, we will always say it as is. We know if our team are encouraged to disclose sensitive information, to make honest assessments of the suitability of candidates, as well as being fully truthful with our clients, we will build far more enduring and mutually beneficially relationships.Like wise we will always be transparent with candidates on their commerciality. If we feel they are not placeable we will be honest and upfront, guiding them where necessary, to help change behaviours which could pose a barrier to employment.


A creative culture is dynamic culture 


Creative cultures are constantly developmental forward looking, Everyone, including recruiters, administration, developers, IT and our external partners must all be forever looking for new ideas and ways to improve what we do. We all need to understand this and love it, everyday within Artisan. The rate of change has accelerated and we need to lead the revolution. We need to be constantly improving. We can never set and forget, or we ourselves will be forgotten – we have to be trying new things constantly. 


Our candidate benchmark defines us


Ultimately it is the quality of the candidates we put forward that will dictate our success. Being at the epicentre of a connected community of creative talent where we are perceived as advisor, supporter, facilitator and inspirer is fundamental. In a technology driven world where connection as some level is the norm, leveraging this, but at the same time magnifying the human dimension of what we do, will ensure we thrive.