Meet the Artisan Team: Tara Broderick

Perm Corporate Creative-Director Positions Melbourne, Advertising-Agency Graphic-Art Recruitment Brisbane, Junior-to-Mid Digital-Agency Web-Developer Recruitment Geelong

What is your role at Artisan?

Financial Administrator


What is your proudest moment working at Artisan?

The day we got Artie!


What has been your weirdest/funnest moment at Artisan?

Oh, there are so many.... When the office nearly went underwater in Brisbane during the flood, that was definitely weird. Our Brisbane Conference so many moons ago - it was weird and fun. Getting Artie! was soo much fun!


What does a typical day look like for you?

Alarm goes off, I get up and make coffee, then go to my office - over there. Starting with the daily "Stand ups" via video conference to know what's happening in the team..... Oh, wait, you meant the other stuff! I do the accounts stuff, I'll do the "I need it now" stuff for consultants during the day - checking details for candidates so they can be paid, following up on credit applications, making sure the office (when we're onsite) has everything it needs to function, like milk and coffee and beer.


How many years have you been in the industry?

On and off since 2003

Guess how many years we have combined... Watch our video.

How do you express your creativity?

Singing! Dancing around the kitchen! I love cooking and baking yummy chocolate treats. I knit basic scarves and stuff sometimes.


What is your hidden talent?

I think it's still hiding....


You’re happiest when?

Singing! Cuddles with my Kitty on the couch. Riding my motorcycle to nowhere in particular.


What advices would you give a 12 year old you?

I wouldn't change the journey I've had, now that I've had it. However, I wish I could tell 12 year old me that being sensitive is a GOOD thing.


Where is your hometown?

Not sure I've found it yet.


Describe yourself in three words.

Sensitive, boring, curious.