Meet the Artisan Team: Lenice Feasey

Creative FMCG-Packaging-Design Recruitment Ballarat, Junior-to-Mid Digital UX-Design Jobs Australia, Freelance Government Production-Management Recruitment Brisbane

What is your role at Artisan?

Part time Resourcer (formerly assistant to Business Manager).


What is your proudest moment working at Artisan?

Candidates thanking me for advice, landing them roles etc.


What has been your weirdest/funnest moment at Artisan?

Business Manager (Spencer) who I was meant to be looking after going rouge at our February party and getting us both drunk.


What does a typical day look like for you?

On the few days I'm in its been kit calls and phone screens for the last 4 months, working from home.


How many years have you been in the industry?

If you're talking recruitment industry, just a few years.


Take a look at how many years we have combined in our video. 

How do you express your creativity?

Background is design.


What is your hidden talent?



You’re happiest when?

I'm outdoors.


What advices would you give a 12 year old you?

Do what you love.


Where is your hometown?



Describe yourself in three words.

Kind, honest, loyal.