Bots Are Your Friends

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Bots are your friends.

The future is here today.  Many human resources and recruitment teams are now using resume parsing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and chat bot technology to speed up and improve the process.   

There are many benefits for you as an applicant: 

1. Reduces human bias.

2. Your application will not be overlooked.

3. Faster response to your application.

4. Better candidate experience.

Resume Parsing

This is where you resume is converted to a free-form document into a structured set of information suitable for storage, reporting and manipulation by software. The information is converted to plain test, then an algorithm extracts information, where it is used to build a data set about you.


At its simplest form the data could used to complete a boolean or keyword search, comparing true and false statements.


Artificial Intelligence

Taking your data set from your parsed resume, the artificial intelligence algorithm will perform a workflow to match your data with the requirements of the role you’ve applied for.  These are generally beyond just a key word search.   


For Example:


Senior Designer

ABC Company

Jan 2010 to present


Graphic Designer

ZYX Company 

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010


Junior Designer

Sweat Shop Design

Jan 2006 - Jan 2008


Bachelor of Design RMIT University 2005


In its simplest form it can see that you have completed higher education and can identify you have 14 years hands on experience as a Graphic Designer. The AI may extract you skills, software and soft skills set from “key words” in your resume. This is all used to weight you against the job description and other applicants.

Chat Bots

These little critters use natural language processing to bridge the gap between human communication and the binary communication computer software used.  Basically they follow a map of questions and answers to qualify an outcome.  They are generally used for text conversations and these days they can interpret human language responses to solicit the information that might be used to enhance your application.


Bot: I can see you have completed a Bachelor of Design.  Have you completed any other education recently?


Your response could be any of these : Yes, Yeah, No, Nah, Maybe, UX design, elephants.


They generally can understand slang, such as Yeah instead of Yes.  They can elicit another question with the response Maybe, and could ask a more in-depth question regarding elephants.  The complexity of workflow is clever, but by no means perfect.  Because it has no reference to the response Elephants, it could use this as a machine learning exercise and or it will take your response as literal and forward that for humans interaction.


If you encounter a chat bot in recruitment it will generally be looking for gaps in your application, data set, that the system has identified, or asking you to expand on some of the information you have in your resume to better match you with the job.


Don’t get me wrong, these sound all very wonderful and extra.  BUT all of this automation is relatively 2D and only as good as they way it is set up.  Full machine learning is a way off for these products, so there will always be human involvement in the process.


When you encounter any of these technologies, its in your best interest to make sure you interact with them as you would a human because they are part of the screening process for that job you’ve applied for.


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