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The Artisan team are committed to supporting our candidates and making sure that you have all the resources you need. It has been amazingly positive to see the way all of you creatives have come together and supported each other.

We are lucky enough to be able to speak to the wider creative community and industry, using the feedback, requests and insight from you all, we have been able to put together a candidate resource centre. This will be updated as and when new updates come about.


Here are some helpful resources and tips we have put together for our candidates and creatives out there.

Artisan Candidate Forum

If you are registered as an Artisan candidate, you can access our candidate forum, where you can share thoughts, join discussions and share ideas.

Update your availability in your Candidate Portal

Use this time to update your availability in your Candidate Portal so that we know when you are available to work (Just log in and click the "blue dot" on the right hand side and select "availability").

Update you folio and projects in your Candidate Portal

If you have any new projects or pieces of work that are not currently uploaded to your Candidate Portal, get in there now and let us see your latest work.

Artisan Remote Working Help Sheet

If working from home is new to you, we have put together a work sheet for you to give you a little support and a few helpful tips.





Health and wellbeing is more important now more than ever, here are a few resources that can help you out surrounding COVID-19, mental health and staying healthy whilst staying in.

Australian Government - How to protect yourself and others 

The Australian Government tips that everyone must do to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect those who are most at risk. 

Mental Health Australia Resources 

There are many resources to which you can refer for information about mental illness. Helplines, websites and government mental health information services provide a range of services. 

The New Daily - Staying Healthy at Home

As COVID-19 continues to spread, establishing a home workout routine is a safe alternative to going to the gym.





You might find that you have some extra time on your hands at the moment, if you do, why not use this time to up skill and use some of the free resources out there.

AGDA Events

Here are a number of events (majority moved to virtual events) presented by AGDA. 

CreativeMornings Free Virtual Events

CreativeMornings is the world's largest face-to-face creative community - a global breakfast lecture series serving local creative communities in over 200 cities.

LinkedIn Learning (One Month Free Trial)

Take advantage of the LinkedIn one month free trial of personalised learning experiences and courses taught by real-world professionals.

Google Digital Garage

Discover a range of free learning content designed to help grow your business or jumpstart your career. You can learn by selecting individual modules, or dive right in and take an entire course end-to-end.

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalised learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. 


edX is the trusted platform for education and learning. Their mission is to Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere. Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online. Advance teaching and learning through research





We have compiled the web pages set up by the Australian Government to give you the most up to date information surrounding COVID-19 and the current situation.

Australian Government: Department of Health

The Australian Government are managing the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia as a health emergency. They will update this page everyday with the current situation, latest case numbers and related information.

Australian Government: Coronavirus (Covid-19) News and Media 

Get the latest news and media updates around COVID-19.

Australian Government: Response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Find our how the Australian Government is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, who they are working with to limit the spread of the virus in Australia and what you can do to help.

Government Coronavirus (Covid-19 App) 

Stay informed. Download the official government "Coronavirus Australia" app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, or join their WhatsApp channel on iOS or Android.



There is a lot of information being distributed at the moment and plenty of new entitlements and stimulus packages, for now, here are the current entitlements you have and how to access them.

How to Apply for Jobseeker Payment - Centrelink

Has coronavirus landed you at Centrelink for the first time? Here's how to apply for the Jobseeker Payment.

City of Melbourne: Grant Assistance for Creatives during Covid-19

"COVID-19 is testing us all – and now is the time to be creative in our response. As part of our response, we’re offering $2 million in grants to artists and creatives to invest in new works, and digital presentation of works and performances." - City of Melbourne.

Simple guide to Income support - Triple J Hack

There's new income support if you've lost work due to COVID-19. Here's who eligible, and how to apply.

Update of stimulus support for freelancers and sole traders during COVID-19 - MYOB

What stimulus support is available for freelancers and sole-traders during COVID-19?





Here are some websites that are heaped with good news stories, wholesome content and things to brighten your day. Take a visit and get a smile.

The Good News Network - Australia

The website, with its archive of 21,000 positive news stories from around the globe, confirms what people already know—that good news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is. - GOOD NEWS FEED

More good news stories from, as you can never get enough.


More good news stories from ABC News, as you can never get enough.





To join discussions and share ideas with the wider creative community, join our Artisan Candidate Forum. 


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