We can help you during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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With the panic buying of toilet roll, the increase in warnings from the Media and the PRESS RELEASES for every single case... Coronavirus (COVID-19) is very much a thing that is effecting businesses across the country. Across the world.  

There is enough information out there on how to stay healthy and take precautionary measures. We care about our candidates and we care about our staff. So we are taking every precaution. 


The Australian Government has pulled the trigger on its emergency plan and it is dominating the news, this is very much here.  Here is the Department of Health Updates.


We're not here to shout about scare tactics, this situation has also brought plenty of humour as well especially the lack of toilet paper in any stores. We are here to give you to solutions to very real obstacles that are going to arise as this situation develops.


- A portion of your workforce may become sick or quarantine themselves as a precautionary measure.


- Your staff may refuse to come to the office.


- Productivity can slip due to a lack of workforce.


 - The recruitment process for your organisation may come to a stand still, due to people not being active.

We want to make you very aware that we have solutions to each and everyone of these obstacles. 


1) We have a pool of candidates, interviewed, reference checked and experienced who have the capability to work remote. Not only is this ideal for additional workload due to absent staff but they are talented candidates who do not need to be in-house doing the job. 


2) Our remote freelancers and contractors all have at least three years experience and understand the industry and are part of the creative network. This allows you to trust that if they working remotely they will do the job and do it well. 


3) Through all of this our processes will not stop, we can complete the whole recruitment process ONLINE in our Artisan Portal, from interviewing candidates over our video and interviewing software. All candidate folio and resume viewing is done in your client portal. From job order right through to signing off timesheets our process is completely online. 



With Artisan you can be sure that whilst we get through the Corona Virus we can ensure your business does not come to a stand still. We have remote freelancers and a completely online job order process. 


Get in touch on (03) 9514 1000 or get registered so that you are ready to go and the touch of a button.