7 Benefits of Using a Recruiter for your Job Search

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What is it that makes recruiters a crucial part of finding your next role

Setting out looking for a new career, finding a new job or trying to secure that next assignment can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes exhausting. The stress can double up when you go it alone. This is where a recruiter can help you, not only to save time but to also give you the support you need at such a hard time.


At Artisan we are specialists in the creative and digital space which means we can be that much needed connection and support for you when trying to change careers or secure that next role. 


Take a look at a few benefits to using a recruiter like Artisan.


1. Save time

We have all had the experience of applying for jobs and having to individually upload résumés, cover letters and folios. Every single time for every single job. At Artisan we have amazing consultants which can help speed up the process of job searching. Whilst giving you access to a lot of direct connections and a network of clients. It can also be beneficial to have a consultant searching and matching you with jobs giving you time to focus on other things. We also have a candidate portal which means you only have to upload your résumé and folio once and this is then used for any new job opportunities. 


2. Help and insight into your résumé and folio

With the level of experience in industry and the collaborative approach you are going to get real in depth feedback on the presentation of your work to make sure it stands out to potential employers. Our consultants have a lot of experience recruiting for job roles in the creative and digital space and know exactly what skills companies are looking for - partly because they have been briefed on the job roles - so they can help you present your work best for a specific role. 


3. Access to more job opportunities

Recruiters know a lot of people in the industry and have a vast network. By using a recruiter you immediately widen your own reach and increase potential job opportunities. You also have to consider that many larger companies or experienced agencies only use recruiters which means you get access to heaps of jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be broadcast. Majority of the time a recruiter has roles to fill and once you apply, may already have the perfect job for you. 


4. Ongoing support

There is an unprecedented level of support you get from a recruitment agency, especially Artisan as we want to make sure you as a candidate are having the best experience you can. This is support right the way from setting up your folio to getting feedback, negotiating pay rate or giving you directions to your job location. 


5. Find the best match

As we are specialists in the creative and digital field we know the skills needed for specific roles and as we work closely with you we can match you with the right employers. We do our best to understand how you work and try and find you the right culture and employer. 


6. Sector Expertise 

Recruitment agencies usually have a breadth of experience collectively across any industry they work in. Especially in Artisan’s case, we are specialists in the creative field and take the time to research developments and changes to industry, new software, new terminology and upcoming trends. We can give you a level of expertise across the industry that you may have otherwise missed. 


7. Candidate portal 

By using a recruiter, you get access to platforms that make your job search as easy as possible. At Artisan we have a custom built candidate portal, built from the feedback of candidates over 22 years. This platform allows you to easily show your work, apply and track applications. You can also manage current assignments.  If you are not already registered and don’t have a candidate portal, get registered now! https://messiah.getartisan.com.au/register.



These benefits will make your job search easier and quicker, with a level of expertise that comes from over 22 years of working in industry. If you are looking for a new role or a move in career, get in touch and get registered. Feel free to give us a call on (03) 9514 1000 and we can help you through the process.