8 Reasons To Engage A Recruiter For Your Next Hire

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How do recruitment agencies add value to your company?


We are well known in the creative and digital space and plenty of trusted brands and agencies work with us, however we are well aware that sometimes agencies need to prove the value that they offer. Recruitment agencies act as the intermediary between companies and brands looking for the talent and candidates looking for their next opportunity. We fulfil needs on both sides. As we work specifically in the creative and digital space we have become a facilitator that has driven the Australian creative industry forward, with emphasis on facilitator as it is the talent of our candidates and the creative vision of our clients that have shaped the space.


What is it that recruitment agencies can do for you?


1) Access to the best candidates

The years and years in industry, getting to know the best of the best and forming a solid network of talent immediately add value. When you use a recruitment agency, especially a niche one that works in a specific space, such as creative and digital you don’t just get access to candidates that apply for a job, but access to every candidate the agency has ever worked with or the vast network of the recruitment consultants. This means you could be given prospective candidates as soon as you place your job order. In Artisan's case, once a job order is placed by a client the team works collaboratively to identify candidates straight away. Usually names are given from years of connections or amazing talent that has recently been interviewed. This is something you do not get from an internal job board, or casting a net and hoping to catch the right candidate. 


At Artisan we can assure that our candidates are the best quality. We do this by understanding our client's culture, making sure the candidate has three or more years industry experience, interviewing them and reviewing their folio before being presented to our clients which saves them time and gives them piece of mind.


2) Time and cost savers

As a businesses time is precious and every cost has to be scrutinised, it can be a common misconception that recruitment agencies cost more than recruiting for yourself. You have to take into account the costs of advertising a role, implementing the right process to manage candidates and the time lost in vetting and screening candidates. With a recruitment agency, particularly Artisan in the creative and digital space every candidate you see if already pre-interviewed and has gone through a process of making their folio the best it can be and all candidates have a minimum of three years industry experience. Recruitment Agencies do all the work and make sure they are matching you with the right candidate.  


3) Screening process becomes smooth and easy

When a business hires a candidate they perform a screening process before finalising them for a job, such as interviews, referencing and skill assessments. This can add time and unnecessary delays to the recruitment process. By using a recruitment agency like us these processes are already completed when you are presented candidates. 


4) Have sector expertise 

From our experience we know that each of our consultants brings with them years of recruitment know how, but also specific expertise in the creative and digital space. To the extent that our consultants are invited to be advisors on creative panels and give a voice on behalf of industry. This level of experience is priceless as you can be sure the consultant knows what it is you are looking for and can take a job order as they would a creative brief. Being able to take you through every step of the process whilst applying industry knowledge.


We have been shaping the Australian creative and digital industry for over 21 years. This means our network, knowledge and experience is vast. Ensuring clients we have the understanding and we can solve any issues that arise quickly and efficiently.


6) Speed

We can fill a permanent job role quicker than industry standard and we can fill freelance and contractor roles even faster. By having a large talent pool of experienced candidates already vetted we can reduce the amount of time and resource lost by clients sourcing a new employee. 


 5) Salary benchmark

If you are hiring for a new position and don’t have any idea of the correct salary, or industry average then our recruitment consultants can help you decide an ideal salary using industry data and with the help of market knowledge. This level of information is pivotal in attracting and hiring the right candidates with the skill sets that you need.


7) Mitigated risk

We mitigate risk by employing freelancers and contractors with our payroll partner. This takes away payroll, super and insurance responsibilities from clients meaning they can simply focus on the work their candidate is doing. 


8) Dedicated portal

At Artisan we have taken the years of experience we have in industry and used this to create a custom platform specifically for our clients, this is your one stop portal to easily and quickly fill jobs that you need. From viewing candidates all the way to signing off timesheets our portal has been created to provide ease, transparency and clarity to your recruitment process. If you would like to be shown the portal feel free to give us a call on (03) 9514 1000.




These are just some of the benefits that can sometimes be overlooked when considering a recruitment agency. Just remember at Artisan we honestly do commit ourselves to being available, supportive, flexible and innovative. If you are looking for a freelance, contract or permanent position get in touch, if all the above hasn't convinced you, put us to the test.  You can call us on (03) 9514 1000