Offices are Going Back to Nature!

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In a bid to attract new workers and hold onto existing talent, offices and studios across the creative and wider industry are increasingly getting imaginative with designing their spaces. It's a "new" concept dubbed biophilia, it emphasises creating more connections between nature and workspace life. 


Businesses are investing in nature paths, bike trails and meeting spaces that are either outdoors or simulate an outdoor area. This comes along with ditching the private cubicle offices and adopting more open plan working, no more assigned seating and a creation of fluid changing work spaces to break monotony and encourage a changing, flowing, creativity inducing  haven. 


You can take a look at the Wall Street Journal report  that has placed biophilia under the microscope.


This concept can be dubbed as new and innovative, however considering we all come from nature and it literally is our roots (no pun intended), it is more of a reinvigoration. It is a welcome approach, somewhat holistic in its approach to increasing productivity. The idea of enriching a workplace with biophilic design can tap into the inherent need to connect with nature and green spaces, which is important considering a large amount of creative businesses are working to deadlines and are pressed for time. Outdoor exposure usually consists of stretching the legs during the lunch break... Often through an urban jungle.


At Artisan we completely back this movement that can lessen the impact of separation between us and nature whilst allowing businesses to get creative. 


Research conducted by the American Psychological Association "Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied”  found that the presence of plants inside a building increases occupants’ feelings of well-being by 40 percent. 


If you are interested in adopting this approach, here are the core principles of biophilic design:

    • Plants and vegetation
    • Access to natural light
    • Water features 
    • Views of the outside landscape

At the Artisan offices we adopt these principles as much as we can, with PLENTY of different flora, we open up our windows and allow the natural light to do what it does best. We also allow our fury friends to grace us with their presence. If you already work within a biophilic office or studio let us know! If not, why not give it a go?




Do you already adopt biophilic design, does it increase creativity and productivity? Let us know and we can feature your success story. Email