Why Are Front-End Developers Choosing React?

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Industry in Focus: Why Are Front-End Developers Choosing React? (Technical terms ahead)...


For front end development there are multiple frameworks and libraries available. Not all are good… but that’s for you to decide which are and which aren't. What we do know from working with businesses and industry is that React is one of the most popular and widely used libraries for front end development. (React is not a Framework).

To ease you in, React is an open source JavaScript library used for front end development, which was developed by Facebook. Its component based library lets you build high quality user interfaces for web applications.

The library allows you to place HTML code inside JavaScript to create some pretty cool interfaces.

If you have already heard of React but aren’t too sure why it should be the library of choice, we’ve listed a few benefits to choosing it. As mentioned before we have seen an increase in demand for Front End Developers who require React knowledge.

1) Rich User-Interfaces

We all know that user interface needs to be extremely user friendly, that’s obvious. It is the quality of user interface that correlates with user friendliness. It is essential and good business practice to have a high quality UI, it just means your users will love to use the app.  React shines by making it easy to use declarative components that mean you can build really sweet interfaces.


2) Faster Development

Time is money (in some cases). With React you can increase your productivity by using reusable component and development tools. Productivity is important because the quicker you get things done the quicker a business can make money… Or you can get paid! There are heaps of development tools available for React which speed up your work. There is even a browser extension called “React Developer Tools” which can be added to your browser and you can use it to examine React components hierarchy.


3) Trusted by Brands and Great Companies

React is used by the biggest brands and start-ups and is in constant demand from our clients. This level of demand shows us all that is it a very high quality tool for front-end development.


4) It's Hot and Trending

React is hot and trending, not just in our office and across our network but it is one of the most popular front end technology in the market. Its exponentially gaining interest, which again suggests its good quality.


5) Strong Community Support

ITS OPEN SOURCE! This is a huge reason to give React a go, it means that the vast community of developers are constantly making React better to use and coders are helping people understand it.


6) Easy to Use

React is easy to learn, as it is open source, this means there are plenty of easy-to-understand tutorials. It is also an incredibly simply library. It will obviously be easier to learn if you have JavaScript skills.


React clearly has its benefits, so does jQuery and Dojo Toolkit and all the other libraries… Not all will work for you, but as React has been gaining traction we thought we’d share some of the reasons its gaining popularity.

If you are experienced in using React, we want to know who you are, we want to see your folio. So get in touch or get registered as a candidate now as we have clients looking for the skill!