How Are You Helping Your Staff in the Holidays?

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The holidays are fast approaching, what does this mean for creative and digital businesses?

It’s a scenario that comes around every year, you have probably prepared for it extensively! But there are always factors that effect business in the lead up to the holidays.


- Lost productivity from the holiday shutdown
During the holiday shutdown, undeniably a lot of businesses are dormant but even on the lead up to it productivity can easily fault even if the workload is increasing. There may be focus on the Christmas party, or there may just be a lack of motivation. It is not just attitudes that cause a loss in productivity but also the loss of time means that if staff aren’t working more then the work is being missed. Especially in creative agencies and in house design studios, clients and the rest of the business will be closed for the holidays so the work has to be completed before.

- Lower staff levels due to annual leave
People are going away, people are heading off to see their families, people are taking days off because Gran and Gramps are back in town. Some people just want to take a break and rest their creativity or escape to regain inspiration. This is all inevitable. These lower stuff levels not only mean workload is increased on others but it also brings an ere of silence (no mice are stirring) across the office, especially if you are a small studio or team.

- Increase in workload and handovers
With people heading away and deadlines looming workload is increasing on current employees and handovers are being done left right and centre across the country. This can increase the stress levels on those still in the office and not already playing cricket on the beach.

- Holiday deadlines and getting things done before the big break
A lot of the work being done on the lead up to the holidays, is for that exact reason or for the events just after so this means the deadlines are tight. I don’t want to say the workload is a lot AGAIN, but it will tire out your best staff and may even effect quality of work.

- Making sure the right person is available
For those working year round at your business the holidays are their break, this does not mean that all business stops, so making sure the right person is holding the fort is important, keeping keeping on. This is usually those that work remotely or off-site as they can continue with the work but also be home for the holidays.



How do you get around these problems? For majority of our clients the solution is freelance and contract staff. Why would this be the best route though?

- They are easy to pay for without enrolling them onto your books for quick bursts of work
Specifically with Artisan all of our freelancers and contractors are on our partners Entity’s payroll. This means they are insured, paid super and remunerated for the work. Which means all you have to do is deal directly with us, none of that other worry is yours. Making it exceptionally quick and easy.

- They are extremely flexible
Using freelancer or contractor means that you are gaining a member of the team that is extremely flexible and can work to your schedule and if need be outside of your schedule. This unrivaled flexibility is undeniably helpful in a turbulent period. With Artisan we make it even more easier to monitor the shared calendar and time sheets.

- Have them work on specific briefs
As they are coming to work with you to work on a task or project you are specifying this goals are simple and you both know the end goal. This makes communication easier and specific, which in turn is quicker! This direct responsibility also means fewer responsibilities as a whole meaning a lower degree of supervision.

- Can work remotely and will tend to have the equipment
As a freelancer or contractor is as such they will usually have their own equipment for whatever role you are hiring them for. This means it’s easy to hot desk them, set them up or even have them work from home should the office actually be closed.

- Innovation and new thinking
By bringing in a freelancer you are also bringing in creative that can bring a fresh perspective and some new idea’s this does not discredit the current team, but enhances it at a time of the year when everyone is running full steam on the creative juices.

- Future availability
If you are bringing in a skill remember of the team for a short period of time and they turn out to fit the culture and complete some amazing work then you no have a contact in the book for whenever you need to source a future freelancer.

If you are I need of skill to help you out in the lead up to the holidays then we’re here to help! We already have a talent pool which has been growing over 21 year s fun of digital and creative freelancers and contractors. We will give you the purpose built tools to get the right person as quickly as possible.

If you have not already considered this option give us a call on (03) 9514 1000 and have a chat, or email see how we can help you out.