Artisan Creative Consumer Sentiment Survey 2019

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We have conducted Australia’s first Creative Industry Sentiment Survey to gather knowledge and understand the attitudes towards the current marketplace and economic climate.

It can be isolating being a business leader in the creative industry and not having a solid insight into industry wide thinking when making decisions on how to drive your business into the future.

We’ve created this survey to take a snapshot of market conditions across our creative marketplace, to support our customer base, and compare this data against existing national surveys.


What to expect in the report:

- The Current Creative Climate

- Attitudes Towards Own Creative Businesses

- Attitudes Towards Government and Policy

- Attitudes Towards Workforce and Talent

- National Comparison

- What The Results Tell Us About The Future

This is the first of its kind and a unique perspective on how the Australian Creative Industry sees itself comparatively to other industries in the country.

For the first time you will be able to see if your thinking is in line with your peers in market.


Click on the front cover below to be taken to the PDF version of Artisan's Creative Consumer Sentiment Survey - October 2019.




Moving forward we want this survey to attract more participants, which will allow us to pull more substantial results and analyse them against previous surveys.