9 Characteristics Of An Effective Business Card

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What is it about the good old fashioned paper business card that means it continues to thrive in a digital world? Is it because we relish face-to-face interactions more in the machine age?

In spite of technological advancements doing good business is still about building strong bonds and trust with your clients, something you can’t do via a LinkedIn request.

With the myth debunked that a business card is nothing more than an ancient relic, let’s look at the characteristics you should focus on when trying to create a winning design.

Simple designs are almost always better than over complicated ones. Resist the urge to fill every millimetre of white space with images, text or colour. Simplicity doesn’t date as fast!

Before designing your business card know what goal you want yours to achieve. Do you want it to simply introduce you, or do you want it to make you stand out and be a conversation starter?

Having your business cards printed doesn’t have to be costly. Remember to print them on decent quality paper, something with a bit of weight, so they don’t have that cheap, nasty feel.

Avoid including any temporary content on your business card, i.e. a promotional offer that will expire. Use evergreen copy only to ensure relevance and to stop having to run multiple prints.  

Funky fonts can be fun but they’re a waste of space if people can’t read them. The information you put on your business card is the most important stuff, so it has to be legible.

You should only list core information on your business card. Try to limit yourself to: name, job title, company name or logo, phone number, email address, business address and website.

Make sure your business card speaks to the audience you’ll be giving it to. If you have multiple businesses (in a similar field) you could use the front for one venture and the back for another.



Whilst real estate on your business card is minimal you can still add a call-to-action, i.e. double it up as a discount card, direct them to your website or encourage them to follow you on social.



You want your business card to stand out from the rest so be sure to choose a good colour scheme, pick the proper finishing touches and print on the right paper.

Note: If you’d like more tips on how to create a business card that looks the part, check out these articles Entrepreneur and Creative Market published a while back.


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