Step By Step Guide To Finding Creative\Digital Work In Australia

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Have you been eyeing off the land down under for a while as you quietly daydream about transplanting yourself internationally to further your career? Taking your skills to Australia and finding awesome creative jobs in your field doesn’t have to be a headache - well, not now that we’ve put together this list of helpful hints on how to get yourself organised to move to Oz!


So whether you’re a UX designer or copywriter, a digital account manager or finished artist, work in advertising as a brand strategist or in industrial design as a project manager; here's everything you need to know about finding a great creative job in Australia.

      • First things first - sort out your visa! Trust us, this really is the first step to moving to Australia to pursue work in creative industries because until you know what kind of visa you’ll be getting, it’s hard to know what kind of jobs you can apply for. Have a look at the Department of Immigration website to find out more. 


      • Everyone working in Australia needs to have a tax file number. They're pretty straightforward to acquire once you’ve got your visa locked in, in fact you can even apply for a TFN online - easy!


      • Decide where you will be based and how you plan to get around. If you’ve visited Australia before you may already know where you’d like to live, but if you haven’t then perhaps this website will help. It has heaps of helpful information as to what each of the capital cities around the country are like, and you can also assess which city has the best opportunities for your profession - and lots of other useful stuff! (Quick tip: we've got dedicated Artisan offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane so it might be worth considering those places first - perhaps take a look at our jobs page to see what kind of work is currently on offer in those places!)


      • Something to consider: when you move to Australia, will you be relying on public transport or will you have access to a car? If a car isn’t an option (yay for avoiding peak hour traffic!), it’s smart to look for places to base yourself that are near public transport so you can easily get to job interviews - and to work, once you land that dream creative job! If you’re going to be taking the train/bus/tram/ferry to work, it's likely you’ll need to apply for a travel smartcard - so why not check out these ideas on how to save yourself some money when using them? 


      • It’s time to get your folio ready, and if you dabble in a few different fields (i.e you’ve worked as a finished artist, but you’ve also done graphic design) we recommend creating individual folios for those roles that highlight your particular strengths in each of those fields.


      • Has it been a while since you’ve looked at your resume? You’d better start making sure it’s up to date and accurately reflects all the work you’ve done and experience you’ve gained! We've also put together a guide on how to design a killer resume.


      • And since we’re talking about resumes, don’t forget to ensure you’ve included great referees AND made those referees aware that they will likely be contacted in the near future as you plan on applying for creative jobs in Australia. (Who should you ask to be a referee for you? We’ve got the answers right here!). Don’t forget to include a contact email address for your referee as it’s quite likely the recruiters checking in with them won’t be calling directly due to time differences, etc.


      • Once your resume and folio is up to scratch, it’s time to start contacting creative recruiters - like Artisan! Head here to become an Artisan candidate - it's a really straightforward and quick process, and it's an excellent first step to finding the work you want!  Artisan wholeheartedly welcomes international travellers to our creative pool, and we partner with specialists who can help you with matters related to immigration and sponsorship. so what are you waiting for? Just upload your folio and resume and you’re set!


      • Oh and one last thing - have you installed Skype on your computer? Often the interview process for jobs starts before you've even arrived in Australia, so make sure you have the ability to video call with those interested in hiring you! (We've also compiled some of our top tips for acing a video interview so go check 'em out! here!)



So there you have it, a quick and easy guide to moving to Australia and finding creative work! And remember, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we share the best stuff we find online relating to creative industries, and links to the hottest jobs in town!


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