Does Your Website Make People Want To Work For You?

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In this day and age, it’s not just potential customers who are likely to find themselves on your company website in order to get a sense of who you are and what you do. More often than not, candidates who would make the best employees are also the ones savvy enough to investigate a business online before deciding if they want to interview somewhere. Which means you could be losing out on the most desirable applicants in your industry if your online presence isn’t speaking to the types of potential employees you’d want to hire.

So if you’re struggling to entice the right candidates, ask yourself the following questions about your website and address the issues to start getting top talent through the door.

If your company’s home page looks like it was last updated 20 years ago with less than impressive graphics, clunky interface, and highly dated images, it’s rather likely that visionary candidates will take one look at it and choose to work at a business that seems more cutting edge and relevant. Keep your website looking sleek and modern, and your reward will be an increase in the number of progressive thinkers and doers knocking on your door.

Make sure job opportunities are featured prominently on your site, and after you list the available vacancies, take a little extra time to talk about the culture of the company. Having a better understanding of all the great opportunities and benefits accessible to employees can only help convince the best candidates to step up to the plate.




Your staff should always be your greatest asset, so why not show off all the terrific things they do? Profiles on existing staff and features that celebrate what’s been going on within the business not only make the people who already work for you feel valued and appreciated, but potential hires will be drawn to a business whose ethos is to praise and publicly acknowledge hard work.

- Is Your Website Helping You Attract Talent?
- What is your website really saying to potential employees?
- Who cares if your website looks good? Employees, for starters

Something you’d like to add? If you’ve got a checklist of what you like to see on a company’s website before you’ll apply to work there, we’d love to hear from you on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!




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