Shane: Creative Director

It's always an excellent day when we get the chance to introduce you to one of our many superstar candidates, and today is no exception - we were lucky enough to have the wonderful Shane, a creative director based in Melbourne, join us for a quick chat about his career so far, his favourite projects, and what advice he'd give to up and comers in his industry. Enjoy!


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What's your name, and what do you do?

Shane Dawson. Creative director / Art director / Part-time writer

Tell us a little bit about your background:  

I wanted to be a cartoonist as a kid. Well, that and a pro basketball player. Once my knees gave in on me, my creativity remained, and my love for all things art and design became my career passion.

What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in art direction? 
I studied Communication Design at Swinburne School of Design back in the early 2000s. That spurred on my love for creative thinking and the fiery depths of advertising. I managed to top my class in Award school in 2004, and from there, there was no looking back.

How do you think creativity is changing the world around us? 
If creativity doesn’t inspire us, then what does? It’s all around us. And we are all creative in some way shape or form. It’s not all about wielding a paintbrush or thinking of the next Cannes-winning piece of film; it might be the next big thing in tech, what we can rustle up in the kitchen or even how we position ourselves as a brand thanks to the wonderful social-driven world we now live in.


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Who are some of your favourite Australian artists/designers/writers? 
Well, if I didn’t start with my own mother Brigitte, a truly amazing artist, then I’d be in trouble. She was and will always be a source of inspiration and reason I can even call myself a ‘creative’. Ant Keogh, one of Australia’s leading advertising creative minds, has always been one legend I look up to, (and sometimes look down to when actually working with him).

What are some of the online resources you use for inspiration?  

R.I.P. FFFFFFFFOUND! (All the creative/designer types know what I’m talking about). ‘The Design Files’ is a great site if you want a wide range of creative expressions. ‘The Inspiration’ another, and if you want to see how ruthless the advertising industry can be, visit the comments section of ‘Campaign Brief’. Ouch!

What's your preferred social media site, and why?
Instagram. I’m a pictures guy after all.


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What does a typical day for you involve?

I commute everywhere via bike (minus the lycra). I can’t stand sitting in a car, so staying active through the day is a must for me. When I’m not thinking ideas to pay the bills I’m thinking about what I’m cooking up for me and the missus, or who I have to play in basketball that night (well, two nights of the week anyway).

How does living and working in Melbourne influence your work?
I’m a bit of a homebody when it comes to Melbourne. That could have a lot to do with the thriving creative industry we have here, but more importantly, home is where my Mum is.

What is a favourite project of yours that you've worked on and why? 
Making me pick my favourite sibling now. I have many projects I love and proud of but one that always makes me proud was a commercial for the juice brand, Australian Fresh, I made back in 2006 featuring the American soapie actor Ron Moss. We took the mickey out of his wannabe Australian ways and made a pretty neat film out of it.


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Do you have any advice for people who want to follow in your career footsteps? 

Just balance the creative ego tightrope that is confident, assertive yet humble. If you want the limelight, chase it, if you just want to enjoy what you do and get paid for it, then the balancing act is key.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  

Have a side project. Getting strung up on your day-to-day job can be bloody stressful. We all need an outlet, especially as a creative.


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What do you like about being an Artisan candidate? 
Artisan offers many opportunities on both agency and client side, which is perfect for me.

Why would you recommend Artisan to a fellow creative?
Some recruiters out there follow a ‘Who’s hot and who’s not’ criteria. I know that because I’ve been on both sides here and there. Artisan gives everyone a chance and fits the right people to the right jobs.

What's next for you?

I love not knowing what’s next. The thrills of freelance. Although, I have been working for a client I’m truly fond with and doing some great things for. I don’t want to jinx this for now.

What question do you wish we’d asked you, and what would your answer have been?
The question: You up for a beer after all these questions? My answer: Hell yes!




Thank you so much to the wonderful Shane for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat to us, we owe him one (1) x frosty beverage as per his final question response! We're thrilled to have such a talent on our books and part of the Artisan Recruitment family. If you're looking to hire top talent like Shane, give our friendly team a call to discuss further - (03) 9514 1000!


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