AGDA EVENT: Blair Enns - 'Pricing Creativity'

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If you're a creative looking for tips on how to properly price your work, then brace yourself because we've found the perfect event for you.


Blair Enns, the founder of Canada-based sales training and coaching organisation Win Without Pitching, will be touring Australia in February thanks to our friends at AGDA, and folks in Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney can grab tickets now to a presentation that is sure to help you understand how to improve your financial fortunes and develop innovative methods for structuring your engagements and crafting your proposals!


Check out the links below for more details for each city's event featuring Blair Enns, and we can't wait to see you at one of the shows!


In the lead up, you can also grab a copy of his new book 'Pricing Creativity: A Guide To Profit Beyond the Billable Hour' from January 10th via the website




• Sydney - 12.02.18

• Brisbane - 13.02.18

• Melbourne - 14.02.18

• Hobart - 16.02.18