Zoe: Marketing Consultant and Strategist

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We love sitting down with folks on our books to chat with them a little about their career, their interests, and their creative process, and we're thrilled today to be talking with Zoe, a Marketing Consultant and Strategist who has worked with Artisan Recruitment over the years as both a client and a candidate! 

Tell us a little bit about your background:
Developer, producer, project manager, medical secretary, quality assurance manager, web company owner, digital director, head of digital, stay at home mum, digital consultant, business director, marketing consultant and strategist.

In other words, I’m a marketing strategist who can type fast and code like it’s 1999.

What sparked your interest in digital strategy?
I first used the internet at a university open day in 1996 when I was in year 12 and it was the beginning of a life long love affair. I ended up doing the first “new media” degree in Australia where I learned to make websites, taught myself to code and even started a dotcom startup with some friends.  Long before I finished my degree I knew that the web was the future for me  - we didn’t even use the term “digital” back then!

How do you think creativity is changing the world around us?
It’s been interesting to watch the consulting groups buying up creative agencies. I think creativity is being recognised more and more as a commodity and that’s going to be great for those of us who operate in that space.

Who are some of your favourite Australian artists and designers?
This is nepotistic and biased of course but my friend Will Coles is an amazing sculptor and street artist who is amazing at using his small pieces to market his brand. My sister and her business partner @bernabeifreeman are my favourite designers. They are great at maintaining their brand of design regardless of what medium they work with.

What are some of the online resources you use for inspiration?
I read Mumbrella, Marketing Week UK (mainly to enjoy Mark Ritzon’s rants) and have just discovered Digiday (UK). But there’s some marketing businesses doing great things on Instagram at the moment and I’m quite inspired by that.

What's your preferred social media site, and why?
Instagram, it’s an enduring love. I’m a rubbish photographer and Instagram helps me create visual things that don’t look terrible. I’m such a nerd that I used Zapier to hook up my Instagram feed to my LinkedIn page.

What is a typical day for you?
If I’m working for an agency, it’s a flurry to be onsite from 9am then running out the door at 5.30 to make pick up at daycare - then it’s down the rabbit hole on whatever brief they have me working on and I barely look up. Working at home days like today are more relaxed and my daughter and I do colouring in and coffee at our local cafe before drop off and I’ve been known to sneak in a yoga class. But I enjoy learning and networking at events, so I’m usually out for an evening once a week so it all comes out in the wash.

How does living and working in Melbourne influence your work?
I’m from Sydney originally and the way people do business is different to Melbourne. In Melbourne it’s more about relationships, community and coffee and I love that. I’ve built up an amazing network of people in business who are genuine friends.  It suits my personality and my caffeine habit.

I also love the trams. I get so much work, reading and thinking done on trams.

What is your favourite project of yours and why?
I’m really proud of the strategy work I did with Brighton Grammar School. The community grew from zero to 50,000 in 18  months and it’s been really successful for them.



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Do you have any advice for people who want to follow in your career footsteps?
Don’t settle. I’ve never been one to stick in a job I wasn’t happy in or a business that wasn’t going anywhere. Since having my daughter I’ve actually become more strict about this, not less!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
You can't change other people, just the way you react to them. I’m still working on it.

What do you like about being involved with Artisan?
I think I’ve been an Artisan customer more often than I’ve been a candidate! Since I met Spencer (Cook - one of Artisan's Business Managers) at an advertising industry trivia night in 2011, they’ve been my first call if I’ve been either looking for myself or someone for a team and they are always great at giving me advice above and beyond the particulars of a role or a candidate.

Why would you recommend Artisan to a fellow creative?
Artisan has great reach across both advertising and digital and the people are lovely!

What question do you wish we’d asked you, and what would your answer have been?
What do you do on the weekends?

And the answer?
Boat shopping! We’re going to take the second half of next year off and go sailing up the east coast of Australia so a lot of spare time is going into that.



Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us, Zoe! And how exciting does that sailing trip sound! (Can we come?)


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