EVENT: The Creative State Summit

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Creative Victoria will be running the inaugural Creative State Summit on 29-30 June 2017 where attendees can hear from over one hundred world-leading innovators in the creative industries across the country and around the globe! This two day conference will allow attendees to learn from  inspirational speakers and network with creative innovators, business leaders, technologists and entrepreneurs from across Victoria, and it is the perfect event for anyone already working in creative fields or keen to make the move into creative pursuits.

Among the many topics to be explored during the state summit will be the following:

• How do we finance ideas, fuel creative expansion and further grow the creative economy?

• How can we challenge ourselves to explore the unthinkable, and where will it lead us?

• Who is telling compelling stories and what techniques and technologies are they using?

• What does meaningful community development look like with traditionally marginalised people?

• What new technologies and ideas should we be getting most excited about?

Host venues include ACMI, the Arts Centre, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Melbourne Recital Centre.

There is also a pre summit event at the Melbourne Recital Centre which will include a keynote speech from Benji Rogers (co-founder of PledgeMusic & dotBlockChain Music), and a panel on Cultivating Creativity - A Global Perspective.

Find out more and purchase tickets to Victoria’s very first Creative State Summit via the links below.



Creative State Summit
Creative Victoria - The Creative State Summit (AGDA)