Lisa: Art Director And Graphic Designer

We're pretty chuffed about the number of gifted and hardworking talent we have on the books here at Artisan Recruitment, and truth be told we're always looking for an excuse to show off their brilliance - which is why we keep regularly sitting down with some of our candidates and interviewing them about their inspirations, career, and highlights from their folio! Today we're joined by Lisa, an art director and graphic designer, who is about to delight us by welcoming us into her most excellent creative brain!




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Tell us a little bit about your background:
I studied a Bachelor of Design at the Queensland College of Art, from there I worked for a few years in Brisbane before moving to London. After a few months of finding my feet I landed a design job with Agent Provocateur and realised a graphic role in the fashion industry was a great fit for me. From there I’ve jumped from brand to brand, small independents to big global internationals, learning and evolving along the way. It’s been a great journey so far.


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What sparked your interest in art direction and graphic design?
I was always into art and drama at school. I loved being creative. After some work experience in the Art Department of a publishing house I learnt the basics of illustrator and Photoshop and discovered there was a whole new medium for my creative output. That really paved the way for me deciding on a career in graphic design.


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How do you think creativity is changing the world around us?
Creativity is essential. It's a fantastic tool that can be applied to problem solving in so many industries and fields outside the traditional areas of art and design. Creative thinkers are breaking boundaries and pushing the normal into the unknown on a daily basis.  Creativity is also a great positive; it stimulates endorphins and excitement, a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, a precious commodity in today’s world. Ultimately, creativity is making the world a better place.


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Who are some of your favourite Australian artists and designers?
I have the pleasure of being old friends with Craig & Karl, those 2 boys never fail to visually amuse and amaze me every time, they are great artists and true visual poets. Art and design for me is very international, it's nomadic which is great as it can be shared and seen by everyone around the world. I've been lucky enough to see so many great exhibitions; Jenny Holzer, David Shrigley, Yayoi Kusama and Carmen Herrera have all been very inspirational to me. Not to mention my all time favourite old school designer Saul Bass.


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What are some of the online resources you use for inspiration?
I always find Trendland a great source for inspiration; they showcase a great selection of design, photography and interiors from across the world. FFFFound and Visual Sundae are great for graphics, plus Pinterest is always handy. For fashion and lifestyle inspiration I follow the Goodhood and Le Journel (Merci) blogs plus WhoWhatWear and Business of Fashion. The Selby is also fantastic, I love having a sticky beak into other people’s homes, seeing how they live and work.


What's your preferred social media site?
Instagram of course!


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What is a typical day for you?
My usual day in London would start with jumping on the tube, a Metro or Stylist paper in hand, grab a coffee on the way in (yes I'm one of those people) and then hit the ground running once I'm in the office. There is no typical day in the retail world, but there are some consistencies – you’re always up against a deadline, waiting on assets for something and planning ahead for projects to come (whilst accommodating last minute jobs that pop up). Planning and good communication is key to my role, the creative side is the part I enjoy most but I must admit there is a certain satisfaction that comes from an updated schedule and budget.


Meetings were another key aspect of my day. Working with a San Francisco office would often mean conference calls with business partners late in the afternoon. On a good day I would head home about 5.30pm, we had flexible hours at Banana Republic, which made the work/life balance much easier to achieve. In the evenings I like to unwind with dinner, watch a bit of Netflix or read a book in bed.


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Do you have any advice for people who want to follow in your career footsteps?
You will learn so much with every job so don’t be afraid to try new roles, experience is the best tool you have and will stay with you no matter where you move. Get as much of it as you can. Travel as often as you can, seeing how different cultures live, the history and beauty of places are fantastic inspiration. I am always more creative after stepping out of the routine for a little bit. The fashion industry is not one big episode of Sex & the City, it’s more like The Devil Wears Prada with less free clothes and triple the workload, it’s really a lot of hard work with a dash of glamour every now and then to keep you interested. Whatever you do just make sure you love it, it’s much easier that way!


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Why would you recommend Artisan to a fellow creative?
The Artisan team really welcomed me; they were friendly, very professional and supportive of my experience and the type of role I want to achieve. Leisha knows the market very well, and has offered some great knowledge and local industry advice, she really knows her stuff. Job hunting is never super fun but having the support of this team has been a massive help. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with them.


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A huge thanks to Lisa for answering our many questions and sharing some of her work with us, we really appreciated being given an Access All Areas pass to your brain! And if you're a client of ours and you'd like to work with Lisa, get in touch with Artisan Recruitment on (07) 3333 1833.


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