Greg : Illustrator and Graphic Designer

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Greg is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Victoria. Whilst he’s not designing he’s creating contemporary prints for his online store ‘Squint’, keep reading to discover how he started his own business venture.

What sparked your passion for illustration?
I’ve always enjoyed drawing and as a kid would often feign illness to sit in bed all day doodling. Once I’d grown out of my ‘drawing tanks and cars phase’ I moved onto copying my favourite illustrators from MAD Magazine, like Mort Drucker and Don Martin. I also loved Hanna Barbera for their use of flat colour. At school the best part of any project would always be the accompanying drawings and maps!


What inspired you to start Squint?
Initially I created a piece for myself and had it nicely framed; I got such great feedback from friends and encouragement to do more that I didn’t hesitate to start up Squint. I’m always creating new pieces and it’s fun to work more intuitively as opposed to fulfilling a brief or solving a problem.

How long has it been up and running?
I’ve been working on pieces for a number of years now; I love going back and reworking them to create something entirely new but I finally got the website up last year!


Where do you find the inspiration for your prints?
Many of them are based on abstract interpretations of classic and kitsch pieces I remember from my childhood, like prints from my home or from restaurants I went to with my family. I love the vague familiarity, though all the pieces are quite abstract. When I spotted the ‘Man in Golden Helmet’ on an episode of Mad Men set in a cheesy restaurant, I knew I was on the right track.

Which print is your favourite and why?
Each piece is really an expression of colour, I can spend hours working and getting lost in colour so it depends on the day for me. I really like the muted colours of ‘Cityscape 1’, but I also like the brightness of ‘Draggin’ – I’m torn!


What sorts of materials do you use to create your prints?
They’re all digital, created using a vector drawing program so they can be enlarged to any size required without loss of integrity. They’re very high quality archival giclée prints on canvas. I choose canvas because it’s durable when coated and doesn’t require a glass or Perspex cover which can make the piece hard to see due to reflections, particularly with the darker colours.

How would you describe your style of work?

Abstraction of the familiar and an expression for colour, to me it’s all about colour. I’d hope people can see a bit of fun in the work too!


Have you got any exciting print projects in the pipeline?
I’m always creating new pieces, there’s a limited range on my website but I’m always posting my latest works to Instagram and Facebook so if any of those appeal they can be commissioned. I had a great commission for three pieces recently, after a print I had in a retro furniture store in St Kilda was spotted by an art buyer for a production company. They were used on the set of comedy show ‘Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane’, they made it onto camera a lot which was really exciting.


Do you have any advice for fellow creatives wanting to sell their work?
I’m continually trying to work that out! Social media can be good but it’s a hungry beast and needs regular feeding. Any spikes in interest from it are generally short-lived, but it still always amazes me on how far reaching it can be.

Want to make a home for one of Greg’s prints in your house or business? Check out his online store for all his ready-to-buy creations, or for details of how to contact him about a commission.


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