How to design a killer resume

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As a Graphic Designer, Web Developer or Copywriter you’ll have a creative brain and likely be applying for roles in the creative space, so it’s important that your resume reflects that.

Times have moved on from the era of basic resumes typed up in Microsoft Word, and you may need to up your game by putting together a more-attention grabbing CV.

There are a plethora of ways to make your resume pop and you don’t have to be a fully-fledged designer to create something that’ll catch the eye of the hiring manager. Here’s how...

Resist the urge to clutter the page – keep it clean and simple. Use clear sans serif fonts and limit the text to your most relevant information to make your resume quick and easy to read.

If you have a fair bit of information you want to share with a potential employer columns are a good way to make the most of the space you have on a page whilst keeping things orderly.

Draw your reader’s eye to the bits you want to stick in their mind by using frames, shapes or a coloured side bar to put emphasis on key details such as your name, job title or experience.

Assembling a brand for yourself will impress potential employers. Developing a logo (and tag-line if you’re a word-smith), colour palette and font family gives your resume an air of professionalism.

Designing a simple monogram using your initials is a perfect way to add creative edge to a corporate resume. It’ll make your CV look polished, stylish and businesslike all at once.

If you want to add a splash of colour to your resume but keep it looking professional, pick an accent colour to use throughout or as a border to help brighten things up.

Infographic resumes are all the rage at the moment and whilst they require a little more design prowess they can really be worth the effort when done right. Click to see what we mean!

Have we got you all excited about revamping your resume? If so, head to Twitter to let us know which design tips you’ll be adopting when you get around to it.

A word of warning before you go: use your common sense before implementing any of these ideas. If an infographic style or brightly coloured sidebar isn’t appropriate given the role you’re applying for, don’t use one!

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