Adobe ‘Smart Tags’ use AI to organise your photos

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As a creative it’s a nightmare having to sift through galleries of endless untitled photos trying to find the perfect one for your campaign. However, it’s also incredibly time-consuming to manually tag images with appropriate keywords so they’re easily searchable in future.

Not to worry though, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the launch of Adobe ‘Smart Tags’, an awesome feature of the new Adobe Experience Manager. The cloud-based service uses image recognition software to automatically create keywords that categorise photos by analysing the pixels in an image.

For instance, if you were to manually tag a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge you’d use keywords like: ‘bridge’, ‘red’ and ‘landmark’. ‘Smart Tags’ is also able to pull out these sorts of keywords from uploaded images, but Adobe have also applied machine learning algorithms so it can pick out contextual tags too, i.e. ‘San Francisco’ and ‘California’.

Whilst some of us are wary when it comes to artificial intelligence, it can be a great way to offload simple yet mundane tasks. As Loni Stark, Adobe’s Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, says: “marketers are struggling to keep up with expectations, with the amount of content they need to produce,” so why spend your time tagging when you could be creating?

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