Interview Dress Code 101

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Ever pulled out every item of clothing in your wardrobe the night before a job interview, and still not been able to find anything to wear? You’re not alone!

Picking an interview outfit can be a stressful business but if you follow our advice, you’ll know what to choose next time.

Get comfortable
Being uncomfy is distracting and constantly adjusting your clothes will make you seem nervous. Choose something you’ve worn before so you know how you’ll feel in the outfit. If you have to buy something new, get it in advance to try it out and avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions. Pick a dark colour if it’s going to be hot or if you tend to blush or sweat easily.

Choose the right shoes
Always polish your shoes and steer clear of unusual styles or colours. A simple closed shoe is the way to go and again it helps if you’ve worn them before, so blisters won’t be an issue. Ladies if you’re not confident walking in heels don’t wear them! Wobbling your way through the office to get to your interview spot isn’t a good look.

Look sharp
Your outfit is one thing but your appearance is another. Guys, whilst certain companies won’t have an issue with facial hair, others will so if you’re unsure it never hurts to show up clean shaven. Similarly girls, neat hair, minimal make-up and clean nails are a must, chipped nail varnish looks messy so remember to re-apply it or remove it.

Feel confident
Is there a smart shirt or dress you never fail to get a compliment on? If so, don’t be afraid to bring out an oldie but a goody. Chances are, if you feel great in an outfit you’ll be more at ease and you’ll come across brilliantly to your interviewer. Plus, not worrying how you’re looking leaves you free to focus on the point of the interview – to really sell yourself.

Dress for the industry
If you’re interviewing at different sorts of companies amend your outfit accordingly. For instance, if you’re interviewing for a corporate role step up the smartness and go for a dress or suit. If you’re up for a creative role keep things a little more casual, pairing tailored pants with a nice shirt or blouse. No ties or blazers necessary here!

Wear a smile
The best accessory you can wear to a job interview is a smile! Flashing your interviewer a big smile will help them warm to you and get things off to a good start. Plus, research has shown that smiling can reduce stress, so no matter how nervous you are smile and it might just calm you down. Keep smiling throughout the interview too as it makes you appear engaged and eager.

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