About Us

Starting out from a kitchen table in South Yarra in 1998, Artisan is now Melbourne's largest home-grown creative recruitment agency. We're proud to say that Artisan has since become Australia's leader in this field, having made it to the BRW Fast 100 growing companies list in 2008.

Our Artisan creative recruiters, many of them long-time employees, have played a huge part in this ongoing success. These creative resources have been handpicked from the very best in the business.

We are rapidly growing with agencies in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and more to follow further afield. Artisan is a dynamic company that partners with the creative industry, nationally and internationally, with global aspirations. We source professionals across permanent, temporary and contract roles, filling jobs that range from:

  • Graphic Design to Digital Design
  • UX / UI designers to Web Development
  • Communications to Production
  • Account Services and more!

We live and thrive within the creative community so our consultants are experts in the latest trends and what makes for a perfect match. Artisan is all about the art of connecting. Creatives meeting business.

Our network is broad and varied. From major corporates to one-man studios, all of our clients receive the same honest, flexible, and efficient service. We provide creative solutions – smart and tailored to suit you best.

Our candidates are also among the best. We ensure that our talent fits the bill. Our creatives mean business. Put them to work in yours.

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Team Brisbane
Senior Creative-Studio Finished-Artists Jobs Australia, Permanent Design Studio-Management Recruitment, Senior Creative Mobile-Developer Positions Phil  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet

Team Melbourne
Part-Time Corporate Mac-Operator Recruitment Australia, Junior-to-Mid Digital-Agency Branding Recruitment Australia, Freelance Digital Illustrator Employment Michael  ‐  Managing Director Email | Tweet
Creative Brand-Identity Jobs Melbourne, Design Art-Direction Recruitment, Freelance Advertising Marketing-Communication Recruitment Spencer  ‐  Business Manager Email | Tweet
Creative Desktop-Publisher Recruitment Sydney, Multimedia Mac-Operator Recruitment Sydney, Freelance Senior Finished-Art Recruiting Adelaide James  ‐  Technical Lead / System Architect Email | Tweet
Junior-to-Mid Government Digital-Design Recruitment Sydney, Creative Copy-Writer Recruitment Australia, Freelance Government Graphic-Design Jobs Jenna  ‐  Business Manager Email | Tweet
Junior-to-Mid Creative-Studio Branding Recruitment, Temp Corporate FMCG-Packaging-Design Jobs Canberra, Temp Design Animation Recruitment Ballarat Debbie  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
Freelance Junior Digital-Studio Graphic-Designer Recruitment Melbourne, Freelance Copy-Writing Recruitment, Freelance Corporate DTP Roles Brisbane Tara  ‐  Financial Administrator Email | Tweet
Creative Creative-Director Recruitment Australia, Creative UX-Design Roles Sydney, Senior Advertising-Industry Copy-Writers Jobs Mathew  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
Permanent Mid-weight Creative Multimedia Jobs Brisbane, Art-Director Recruitment, Temporary Creative Packaging-Designer Recruitment Bendigo Ian  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
Permanent Government-Sector Photo-Retouching Employment, Perm Animation Recruiting Sydney, Freelance Government Communications Employment Bendigo Bill  ‐  Software Engineer Email | Tweet
Creative Brand Recruiter Geelong, Creative-Agency Web-Developer Positions Perth, Creative Web-Developer Careers Melbourne Sean  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
Senior Government Mac-Operator Positions Perth, Permanent Creative Marketing-Communication Roles Australia, Design Web-Designers Positions Ballarat Chris  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
Advertising-Agency Communication Recruitment Bendigo, Temp Mid-weight Creative Web-Developers Positions Melbourne, Graphic-Design Recruitment Darwin Sana  ‐  Candidate Manager Email | Tweet
Creative Mac-Operator Recruitment, Corporate Typesetting Recruitment Australia, Mid-to-Senior Advertising Web-Development Recruiter Brisbane Jess  ‐  Marketing Consultant Email | Tweet
Permanent Senior Branding Recruitment Canberra, Permanent Corporate Account-Director Recruitment Brisbane, Part-Time Creative Account-Service Jobs Dave  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
Freelance Junior-to-Mid Government-Sector Branding Careers Canberra, Temp Design Brand-Strategist Recruitment, Multimedia Web-Designers Recruitment Geelong Mia  ‐  Receptionist Email | Tweet
Freelance Digital Packaging-Designers Employment, Freelance Branding Recruitment, Full-Time Design-Studio Digital-Design Recruitment Barbara  ‐  Recruitment Consultant Email | Tweet
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Typesetter Recruitment Brisbane, Digital-Studio Finished-Art Recruitment Melbourne, Freelance Copy-Writers Recruitment Australia Lenice  ‐  Recruitment Assistant Email | Tweet
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