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Pizza Vini Spuntini
The service is excellent, the wine selection is great and the food is fantastic!!
The service is excellent, the wine selection is great and the food is fantastic!!

Pizze Vini Spintini, is situated in Elsternwick providing authentic, home-style pizza as well as other classic Italian dishes. Specialising in all things Italian, this restaurant offers a classic but modern selection, relying on quality ingredients rather than overloading with too many flavours. The star of the show here is the pizza offering a modest but classic selection, these homestyle pizzas feature simple but tried and tested combinations, with the pizzas being rectangular in shape cut into 6 pieces.

There are also pasta and meat dishes available and there are plenty of vegetarian offerings, including dishes such as penne with walnut pesto and ricotta, and porcini and sage risotto. Sides are similarly straightforward combinations like rocket, pear, pancetta and goat’s cheese or insalata caprese. To suit the occasion the food is complemented by several Italian wines and beers. All the pizzas are also available to take home, if you can tear yourself away from this cheerful, informal restaurant that celebrates great food and wine.

The service is excellent, with the waiters who are friendly, attentive and warm. They seem to go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy and has a unique experience every time

The writing’s on the wall at Pizze Vini Spuntini are the ingredients that go towards creating the spuntini snacks and pizza that give the restaurant its name, written along the dark walls in white script with an interesting typeface.

If you go along to Pizze Vini Spuntini I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Pizze Vini Spuntini
Shop 3, 1 Carre Street, Elsternwick
Phone 9077 8815
Open evenings Wednesday - Sunday