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agda scholarships to agideas workshops - winners announced

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May 18, 2012

Congratulations to the following 10 successful candidates who submitted work for the AGDA Scholarships to agIdeas Workshops!

  • Alex Farner
  • Chris Harris
  • Jeremy Kerrigan
  • Stefanie Kunovic
  • Arwen Lindemann
  • Carla McKee
  • Daniella Monterosso
  • Daniel Purvis
  • Steve Robbins
  • Eunice Yip

Each winner has been assigned to a rare and remarkable opportunity to spend a full day with some of the esteemed international designers who are visiting Melbourne as featured presenters at the agIdeas forum.

In these intimate and intensive sessions, participants get to discuss and analyse everything from aesthetics, influences and issues to how the best in the business go about developing, refining and applying ideas that leap beyond the ordinary and, in so many cases, change our lives for the better.

Workshop speakers:

  • Autobahn - Maarten Dullemeijer and Rob Stolte (The Netherlands)
  • Vladimir Chaika (Russia)
  • Dale Herigstad (USA)
  • Mauro Porcini (Italy)
  • Ree Treweek (South Africa)

Click here to take a look at the winning submissions!


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