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Undercoat: Temporary Multimedia Creative-Director Employment Brisbane, Freelance Design Creative-Director Positions, Freelance Junior-to-Mid Creative-Director Recruiting, Freelance Design Illustrator Employment, Senior Web-Developer Employment Sydney
is an online community providing exposure for the creative professionals of tomorrow.


Undercoat is an online community dedicated to connecting and sharing the most beautiful, inspiring and innovative content from creative students. It aims to provide exposure for the work coming out of universities, art and design institutions operating around the world. It is a platform designed to honour creativity as an essential trade. We welcome contributions from all current or recently graduated students of all ages who are working their way towards a career in a creative field.

We also include the course studied and a link back to the institution attended by each particular author so that we can advertise the diversity of options there are for those seeking creative education.

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To accompany and compliment Undercoat, Overcoat is a traditional magazine, produced quarterly and available online. We invite established professionals, as well as the odd exceptional student, to contribute their own interpretation of the central theme, which changes per issue. To find out more about contributing to the quarterly magazine please contact our team.

We welcome all interested students, alumni, professionals and institutions to please get in touch so that we may share the work you are creating.

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