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Gab Forman tells us......: Junior-to-Mid Government Social-Media-Manager Recruitment, Freelance Senior Digital-Studio Account-Director Jobs, Freelance Advertising Copywriting Careers Perth, Creative Copywriting Recruitment Adelaide, Digital Desktop-Publisher Recruitment
Gab Forman tells us......
Artisan Team Member Gab Forman has her say about the world around her.....
What sparked your passion for design?


How creative were you as a youngster?
It was clear from a very young age, that the left side of my brain was useless. While my brother was outside burning ants with a magnifying glass, or breaking something in order to put it back together again, I was making things out of nothing, drawing, or using my favourite medium – play-dough.
Many years have passed since my love for play-dough but my interest in creating things has developed into a passion for photography, a love for quirky design and an overall appreciation of art.

Do you come from a creative family? 
My mother should have been an interior designer – her sense of style, space and use of texture, colour and dimension comes naturally. She also shares my appreciation for art, and has an enormous knowledge of the classics; Gauguin, Van Gogh, Whitely – the house is filled with paintings and books.
As for the rest of the family – my grandfather was an engineer, my brother has followed in his footsteps, and my dad is a corporate marketing genius. The design aspect to engineering is extremely technical and drawings are incredibly precise. In saying that, I don't ever remember my grandfather getting the paint brushes out or sculpting a Statue of David in the back yard.

Were they supportive of your desire to be a designer? 
My family have always supported me in my crazy endeavors. Leaving home at 16 and being stubbornly independent, they've not really had any other choice.

 My dad, being the marketing strategist in the family, loves nothing more than to talk advertising with me for hours. I remember sitting at an airport with him, and, in the time it took to wait for my flight, we'd both come up with a campaign including branding for a new product not yet on the market.
When I let them know I would be doing my Design Degree majoring in Advertising no one was really surprised. They have all known that I'm a creative, I'm a visual thinker and get so inspired by art and design.

The first move...

What sort of education and training have you had?

I have worked for 15 years in local, state and federal government in areas of marketing, communications and events. Throughout my career I have included study into my routine, first a Business Dip. then some marketing, some tourism, then finally jumped into a Design Degree, realising that this was definitely where I wanted to go, and something that would make my days worthwhile.

Who did you want to work for when you first entered the industry?
Eeeerr, Artisan? ;)

Tell us about your first project and what do you feel about it now?
My first assignment was to create an invitation for a fashion-minded audience using more than one medium. I created a small cube, laced in leather strapping, eyelets and zips with invitation details on each side of the cube to attend the launch of a new range of boots. Inside the box was a key to 'let themselves in'. Gritty, sexy images of knee high boots were used throughout the design. I'm still very proud of the cube – it was well received, and is still sitting next to my mac at home.


What is your preferred software to work with and what has been the greatest advancement in technology over the past 5 years?

Photoshop – what did we ever do without it!!?? 
Apple tops the list for me in terms of providing techy options for the simple things we do each day. Anything with 'i' in front of it has been very impressive.

Is digital technology going to eliminate the need for print?
No. There will always be an audience who prefer feeling and smelling the paper – like me. I still love buying the newspaper and my favourite mags. There's something special about keeping something tangible on the shelf – I know you can always look up what you want online, but there's nothing better than physically flicking though the pages and getting inky fingers.

We could be heroes...

Whose work do you really admire and why?

I love Helmut Newton – such a sensational and daring photographer who really pushed the limits of social norm. His work is mysterious, sexy and so dramatic.

Who has been the greatest person that you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and what have they taught you?
David Perry – my last boss. Dave's wife has obviously taught him a lot about getting in touch with his feminine side. He was the most caring, supportive, understanding and nurturing boss I've ever had the pleasure of working for. Dave has taught me the importance of listening, responding well and maintaining positive relationships.

All about me...

How would you describe your work?
Erratic perfection... pfft!

What are your plans for the future? 
Tonight – to get through peak-hour traffic, possibly in torrential rain unscathed.
 In a few years – to be the best at my game, to train others and have fun doing it.

In what way does your previous experience ensure your success as an Artisan Recruitment Consultant?
I have the perfect mix of knowledge and valuable networks in government, coupled with a great interest and eye for design to be able to confidently place the right designers in the the right jobs. What more could you want? ;)

Locally made...

What is your opinion of Australian design?

Quirky, gritty and powerful – we have so much to offer, so much raw talent and great ideas in this country, and I don't think we should feel overwhelmed by that of other countries. We are different and fresh, and that's what makes our design special.

What is the best/worst thing about being a designer in Australia?
The best part about being a designer in Australia is that we are a lucky country, full of inspiration and resources. There are few barriers to our creativity and so much freedom to be expressionists.

In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge the Australian design industry has to face in the near future? 
There's a lot of competition out there. You need a point of difference. You need to keep learning and developing. You need to have passion or people will look past you.

Just for fun...

What is your creative outlet outside of design?

Rearranging all of the furniture in my house and walking in on open inspections, pretending to be a buyer... just to see how the other half live ;)

What is the best designed bar in Melbourne? 
Well, considering I don't really drink much, or often, I'm not one for barhopping. So long as there are good friends and great food, I'm happy to perch on a bar stool just about anywhere. I don't really like it when there's too much noise though, unless you're there to see a band, it's really distracting when you can't hear the people around you.

What are your top 5 websites at the moment? 
Ask Bossy
E Harmony Dating… just kidding :)
The WebComic List

What CD are you currently listening to and is it any good?
, It's damn awesome. This guy is a genius.

If I was a font, I’d be…?
Ginga - Billy Argel - elegant but gritty