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in profile / brett perryman :: first aid philosophy

Brett Perryman: Freelance Advertising Finished-Artist Positions Geelong, Full-Time Corporate App-Developer Recruitment Brisbane, Permanent Advertising Copywriter Jobs Melbourne, Illustration Recruitment Melbourne, Digital-Studio Interactive-Designer Positions Melbourne
Brett Perryman
It probably comes as little surprise to discover that many of the freelancers we are fortunate to work with have creative pursuits outside of their day to day craft. While many worship Brett Perryman for his extraordinary skills behind a MAC, they may be surprised to discover that Brett is also a man of much wisdom, as presented in his new book 'First Aid Philosophy'.

Now available in the Kindle format, 'First Aid Philosophy' is a collation of uncommon insights and ideas about the nature of life and living it. Twelve years in the making, the books focus is on the nature of existence, a laugh, a smile, and the irony of living.

'First Aid Philosophy' is easy to read, but also profoundly deep and joyfully irreverent. Every phrase is self contained; the phrases enhance each other, just like the way ingredients within a recipe complement one another. It is a book of evocation, of memes, a tool that can assist in living a good life through thought and laughter.

Brett grew up in rural Victoria, on a sheep and grain farm, near a place called Boort, between two smaller towns called Borung and Mysia. At aged 16, Brett nearly died from a unique medical condition which resulted in him experiencing an epiphany. This book is an extension and an interpretation of that experience.

Since 1993, Brett has worked in Melbourne as a Graphic Designer, Finished Artist and digital image specialists, across the areas of graphic design, publishing and advertising. He also is the production artist on T-world, a magazine that focuses solely on the art of T-shirts (and also a fellow In Profile entry!) Brett also has received Artisan's Candidate Of The Year Award twice in 2005 and 2007.

For those with a Kindle, you can jump across to Amazon -First Aid Philosophy -
now and pick it up for only US$2.99. For those interested in a preview, there is the ability to sample a selection of the book before you part with your hard earned cash.

For those without a Kindle, you can download Kindle for PC or Kindle for MAC to read the book on your computer or download the Kindle app for your smartphone to read it on that device.

At some stage this book will be distributed in a printed format as it was originally intended to be.

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