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A Fish Without Water: Freelance Digital Action-Script Recruitment, Senior Advertising Studio-Management Recruitment, Perm Creative-Studio Digital-Production Recruitment, Temp Creative Creative-Director Recruitment, Senior Corporate UX-Designer Roles
A Fish Without Water
Saving water and saving the environment.
Fishprint are not your garden-variety Print House.... although your garden may well thank you for using them!

As a relative new-comer to the Print community, Fishprint are only 5 years old and are already an award-winning leader in environmentally sustainable printing. How? By using a technology that is fast gaining International attention for its ability to both improve print quality whilst saving around 46,000 litres of drinking water! Think that’s pretty cool, consider the fact that ordinary print processes guzzle around 16 litres of fresh drinking water per minute for everyday operations, while Fishprint’s waterless technology uses a similar amount per week! In fact Fishprint have been dedicated to the sustainability cause since their inception and now proudly stand as one of few Waterless Print houses in the country!

In addition to the waterless printing process, Fishprint boast a Carbon-neutral environment where the company-wide focus is on sustainability. And they are all action when it comes to the cause!

-All technology is powered by Solar and Wind energy
-Ink is made from renewable soy product rather than mineral-based materials
-Containers and all other materials are recyclable or made from recylcled materials
-In fact, the company itself boasts a massive 98.2% recyclable office!

It is this commitment to recycling which has the whole team involved and has ultimately cut paper waste by 20% – resulting in a 77% reduction in the volume of waste sent to landfill. Fishprint has further reduced its environmental footprint
by introducing 100% recycled paper, which spares an estimated 23 trees per ton of paper. This may all sound great but there are benefits to your bottom line too! As Waterless printing requires no alcohol or alcohol substitutes, there is a saving of $10,000 per year in materials, energy and waste-water disposal costs.

This pro-active print house is at the forefront of a new generation of environmentally conscious companies who, with a bit of luck, will drive the creative industry in a more sustainable direction leaving room for both print and web.

To read more about Fishprint you can check them out at -
As one of the first businesses to achieve Platinum Club status in Victoria’s environmental sustainability program ‘Grow Me The Money’ you may even take away some inspiration for your own office...