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wacky hat 2010

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August 03, 2010

You may or may not know this but every year on the first Tuesday in August, Artisan celebrates Wacky Hat Day!
So on Tuesday 3 August we’ll all be wearing our special bonnets, extravagant toppers and wild head gear.

We’ve had some awesome hats over the years, including Jenna’s rural themed farm hat including barnyard animals, Karen’s papier bonnet and Cristal’s foil alien scanning protection helmet.

This year we are taking Wacky Hat Day even further, out to the whole creative community!
If you are working hard in an agency, kicking it at the studio, or even working from home in your ugg boots, then make sure you have a wacky hat on (or near) your head.

Dazzle us with your BeDazzler skills, impress us with your brand new touk or just stick an ice-cream container on your head and draw eyes on it. Then it will double as a head protector during magpie season in September.

Send us a photo of your team wearing wacky hats and we’ll put them up on the website. Along with some awesome shots of the Artisan team having fun, wearing hats and being wacky.