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the prince jazzed up 2 the max

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March 02, 2012

In keeping with it's recent, very cool and stylish Art Deco makeover, The Prince Maximilian in Commercial Rd, Prahran, is now doing live jazz every Friday and Saturday night.

Like any good publican, Michael Broderick (AKA Artisan's Director), is always up for a good chat over a cold beer. So come down, have a pint and a meal, relax with some chilled tunes, and catch up with your favourite Artisans.

The line-up for March:

Angela Librandi- Friday 2nd March 2012
Angela Librandi is a funk soul singer who has had regular gigs on TV and is a well known performer at some of the best venues in Melbourne. Angela’s funky vocals will vibe 2 the Max on a regular basis. Her Italian beauty and gorgeous voice will keep you coming back for more.

Rebecca Mendoza-Saturday 3rd March 2012
International star of stage and screen, Rebecca Mendoza is a jazz soul singer who is a regular performer at the famed Bennett’s Lane. Rebecca began her career as half of pop duo Jackson Mendoza with her sister Natalie. 2 the Max is excited to have Rebecca as a regular guest singer.

Baby Lemonade Lamarr-Friday 9th March 2012
Edgy pop rock chic Baby Lemonade Lamarr is a regular performer at the coolest clubs in town. Miss Lamarr brings her jazzy cabaret flamboyance to 2 the Max, with a showgirl performance to excite. Lemonade is a performer unlike any other.

Francisco Tavares-Saturday 10th March 2012
In recent years Francisco/TAVARES has continued to write consistently, and perform in various nightclubs throughout Melbourne, networking and collaborating with fellow urban artists, writers and producers, and has joined 2 the Max as a regular performer.

Sunny Koll-Saturday 16th March 2012
Sunny Koll spent her time ingesting an eclectic musical diet of Billie Holiday, Betty Davis, Janis Joplin, Streisand and Rock Operas. She gigged her way through school moved to Melbourne and began developing her song writing skills while studying dance, performance and all styles of singing, including opera. Sunny joins the 2 the Max family as a regular performer.

Jono Francisco-Friday 17th March 2012
As a party promoter Jono Francisco has performed his jazz styling at many of Melbourne’s top bars, clubs as well as major dance parties and festivals. Singing jazz standards, love ballads and styling modern pop songs into jazz gem; Jono Francisco is 2 the Max host with the most and will pop up and take the microphone every month.

Carmen Hendricks-Friday 23rd March 2012
Carmen Hendricks is a South African Born and Bred singer who has rhythm in her veins and a soulful voice of purpose. A soulful jazz singer who has also had top ten dance chart hits in Australia, the US and Europe with UK dance outfit Supafly. Carmen is launching her new album in 2012 and will be a regular guest at 2 the Max.

Andrew De Silva-Saturday 24th March 2012
Andrew De Silva is a funk, soul & rock singer who first came to the attention of the music world as front man and song writer for ARIA award winning band CBD. Influences include Lenny Kravitz, Terence Trent Darby and Prince. Andrew will be a regular guest singer playing his guitar and getting 2 the Max going.

Jerson Trinidad-Friday 30th March 2012
Since Jerson Trindad arrived in Australia, he has continued to perform solo as well as a member of several groups and has built an enormous following through his appearances at clubs and cabarets because of his natural talent – a very powerful voice combined with a warm, endearing personality leading to a waive of excitement everywhere he appears and now performs at 2 the Max on a regular basis.

Darius Mendoza-Saturday 31st March 2012
Apart from winning the hearts of women every time he croons Australian singer-actor Darius Mendoza is also does a lot more on stage. An accomplished artiste, having performed at numerous bars and clubs in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as at Mercedes Fashion Week and Melbourne L’oreal Fashion Week, Darius will be a regular guest singer at 2 the Max.