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my first artisan party

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February 03, 2012

Step 1) Take three, potentially nervous, new employees.
Step 2) Douse liberally in alcohol.
Step 3) Allow to roam freely amongst 500 of your closest clients and candidates.

It's initiation by fire, Artisan style. Here's how the big night panned out for them.

Jacqui Turner

The Artisan party was fantastic! As a new consultant to the Artisan team, it was amazing to see the interaction between our consultants, clients and candidates. Everyone was just so excited to be there and be a part of the festivities that the energy was infectious. By the time the night drew to an end, the dance floor was pumping and there were smiles all round!

Steve Pelkey

Prior to my start as an Artisan consultant, like most newbies to Artisan I got invited to the Artisan annual party early this month.

Luckily for me, the party venue was within walking distance (and stumbling distance back home), so it ticked the convenience box for me. The night of the party I arrived by foot to the Railway Hotel a at respectable time and, while I expected not to be the first one there, I was a little taken aback to discover a huge crowd of 500 guests waiting to be let in the door after the tight guest registration process.

VA, Artisan's general manager of first impressions, welcomed me at the front door and from then on I spent my time early in the evening, introducing myself and chatting with my fellow Artisans to get a feel for what sort of people I'd soon be spending my days with.

I also managed to reconnect with a few people I'd worked with over the years, which is always good fun. And I also did a bit of headhunting that night to see how approachable a particularly talented designer / studio manager was for a role I knew was looking to be filled.

Every Artisan I met that night seemed quite friendly and relaxed which I find carries through into the daily workplace and makes the day's work a lot easier. I'd say from a people perspective, it's pretty clear at Artisan (even with beer goggles), you see what you get.

I decided when I realised it took me about 10 minutes of slithering through packed sweaty bodies to get to the bar, that it was time I departed. Suffice to say I stumbled once or twice on the way back home."

Gabrielle Forman

Like my first day at school I was a little excited, a little nervous and didn't know what to expect. My colleagues had told me that it would be a night to remember, so in true Artisan style, I frocked up, slapped on some lippy and donned my party heals.

As our wonderful clients and candidates started to arrive and have their photos taken, I realised just how many of them I had spoken to over the phone but had never met. It was awesome to be able to put the faces to the names and truly establish a rapport that now makes my contact with them so much more meaningful.

Part way through the night, and as most of us had consumed several drinks, networking became so much more natural and spontaneous. Everyone was happy to introduce themselves either for the first time or to reacquaint. Once the dancing started, and Mat Hehir announced that he used to be in musical theatre, everyone got up on the dance floor. Vicki-Anne was heard to say "Oh my god, I love this song!", or "This is my favourite song!" over and over - as every song was her favourite, 'mingling' took on a whole new level.

Apart from the dancing and networking, one of the best things about being a newbie at the Artisan Party was that I didn't feel uncomfortable if I didn't know anyone. No excruciating moments of pretending to know someone when I didn't ... "Hey Gab! How've you been?" … Gab replies "Yeh, good", but is thinking, *Jim? Jake? John? James? Jason? ...Crap!*. Next year will be the big test.