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the symbiogenesis project - laughing waters

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February 02, 2012

Works on paper Paul J. Kalemba and Aviva Reed

Symbiogenesis: (v) The merging of two separate organisms to form a single new organism.

The exhibition called Symbiogenesis, currently on show at the Melbourne City Library is a collection of works on paper and assemblage(I must admit I had to check out what this meant at Wikipedia). Since February is a short month, hurry on down to see this collection. It aims to show the connection between the environment and surrounds of the Yarra River at Laughing Waters in an "ecological portrait". It's a look at nature and the ecology that supports many birds and wildlife in the area.

When: Thursday 2 February to Tuesday 28 February

Where: Melbourne City Library - 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Melbourne City Library


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