Amanda: Recruitment Assistant

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Once again we're going to turn the spotlight onto one of the legends of Artisan, and they don't get much better than Amanda - an unstoppable force of efficiency and general awesomeness and a woman who totally deserves the nickname The GTD Queen, which I just bestowed upon her because she Gets Things Done.

What's your name?
Amanda Blake

Tell us a litle bit about yourself.
I’m a Kiwi that has crossed the ditch and now calling Melbourne home - loving it!

What is it that you do at Artisan?
I’m a Personal Assistant / Recruitment assistant. So pretty much assistance central right here!

What do you love most about your job?
Maybe an easier question is what do I not love about my job...

What makes a candidate stand out to you?
The X-Factor or the WOW factor - something that when you look at their work you just go YES!

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
I’ve received a lot of advice over the years, but one that stands out is (and good for us arty types!) Be yourself, you’re the only YOU - don’t compare yourself to others, be unique, be the best YOU you can be!

Tell us a random fact about you?
I spent time in Portugal learning Portuguese, just started to get the hang of the language and then I had to leave :(

What's your guilty pleasure?
Ice Cream - I cannot have it in the house as I have absolutely no self control! Wine is the other, but different rules apply there ;)

What were you doing prior to joining the Artisan family?
Travelling Europe, Africa and parts of Asia

What's your favourite thing so far about working at Artisan Recruitment?
This may sound like my priorities are out of order, but I totally adore the office dogs

Do you have any creative hobbies or pursuits?
Music, I play the piano and sing a little. Graphic design - just starting out there but absolutely love it!

If we took a look at your music collection, what would we be likely to find in there? Any surprises?
I quite like reggae, dub, reggaeton and rootsy stuff so maybe that may come as a surprise? But pretty much anything and everything from almost one extreme to the next. (Extreme being death metal / screamo and opera sung by shrill sopranos!)

And lastly, what's your favourite thing about living in Melbourne?
I cannot name just one favourite. But definitely the creativeness of the city - culture, arts, music, markets, festivals and of course the food/wine!




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