One Millimeter

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How awesome is this? Art director and creative retouching artist Marcus Byrne and creative director Alex Wadelton recently teamed up on a project called 'One Millimeter' which saw the duo create a series of digital artworks of world leaders including US President Donald Trump, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull, China’s Xi Jinping, South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, and England’s Theresa May, revealing all of them (and thus, all of us) to be exactly the same under that one millimeter of epidermis.

Since the project launched a week ago, it has attracted attention and kudos from around the world and has been picked up by press in USA, Russia, Hong Kong, India, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, as well as a heap of creative sites in the US.

It’s a brilliantly imaginative way to show how similar we all are once you go below the surface, and a much needed message of unity during a time when our news cycle is dominated by stories of division and conflict acround the globe.


Said Wadelton:


"I was watching the news one night, looking at the state of politics in the UK, the US, and here in Australia, along with what’s happening in Syria, and the mass displacement of tens of millions people across the globe and it just feels like the world is on a knife edge at the moment. Our leaders are posturing to protect their own country rather than the future of humanity. It struck me that the only difference between us all is literally the skin we're in. That one millimeter of skin that covers each human. Strip that away and what lies beneath us all is a fragile creature."

Here’s a little clip showcasing the project.



You can find out more and order prints at

Bravo, Marcus and Alex!

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