Mia: Receptionist\Office Manager

Mid-to-Senior Creative-Industry UI-Specialist Recruitment, Creative-Agency Communication Recruitment Hobart, Perm Mid-weight Advertising-Agency Web-Developers Jobs

What’s your name?

What’s your role at Artisan?


What's your favourite thing so far about working at Artisan Recruitment?
The puppers! [ED: We have a dog friendly office - Artie, Heidi, Rufus, and Lachy are the canine members of the Artisan family] And the team environment.

Name your favourite website and why you like it.
Tumblr - for the memes

Do you have any creative hobbies or pursuits?
Art, skating, surfing.

If we took a look at your music collection, what would we be likely to find in there? Any surprises?
A little bit of everything, but mostly heavy Aussie bands.

And lastly, what's your favourite thing about the city you live in?
The food and the nightlife. There's always an art exhibit on, or a skate comp, and excellent places to eat at after.