EVENT: AGDA's First Five Out - 'The 5 - 9'

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If you've ever wondered how young industry professionals make time for their passion projects outside of work hours, then AGDA's second installment of First Five Out 2016 is precisely the kind of event you'd better head along to!


Featuring a stellar line up who know exactly how to make their passion projects work, there'll also be a panel discussion at the end of the evening so if you have any burning questions you'd like to ask the brains trust on stage, you'll have your chance!


The very talented speakers include Bianca Cash, Dean Jacobson, Candy Ng, and Kate Pullen. And don't forget, if you're an RMIT student you can attend this event for free! Otherwise tickets are $10 each (or $5 if you're an AGDA member!)


It's all happening on Thursday 20th October at 6.30pm at RMIT City Campus in Melbourne. Find out more details over at the AGDA website!


EVENT: AGDA'S First Five Out / The 5 – 9