Tom : Designer and Art Director

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Tom is a Designer and Art Director from New South Wales. He’s worked for some mammoth brands over the years like Coca Cola and Audi, but is hoping his next opportunity will allow him to take on a few more playful briefs – hopefully we’ll be able to help him with that!

What sparked your passion for design?
Seeing walls sprayed with art that was more of a stylised design rather than traditional graffiti sparked the thirst, rather than passion (that is an overused and under valued term in the creative realm). I was curious as to how I could do something that ran in a kind of parallel way in a commercial sense by taking my sketches and doodles and turning them into graphic elements. I basically had a thirst to see something I had created in the public in any capacity and becoming a designer was the best way to do that. Now I am lucky enough to see things I have created just by walking down the street or trolling different sites. It is quite satisfying and the bigger and better the projects get, the more it drives me to do more.

Tell us about the biggest achievement of your design career so far.
Having some of my work being nominated for various awards and winning as a part of a sweet team of people.
How would you describe the style of your work?
You tell me! Everyone is his or her own harshest critic. I’m a visual mercenary in a commercial sense. Personally, I love weird and wonderful and I can be a mad mix of both. I have a very vivid imagination and you will think I may be a bit of both myself when you look into some of my work.


What’s are your design weapons of choice?
iMac + Wacom + a secondary screen + Sennheiser headphones = mission control.
Which three websites do you love to visit for design inspiration?
1. Designspiration
2. Pinterest
3. Instagram

Whose work do you really admire and why?
Beastman’s completely original and his style can be and has been applied to the largest variety of commercial spaces and objects I think I’ve ever seen. He is a visual artist with a designer’s eye and background; a source of true inspiration and admiration.

Do you have any businesses or brands you’d love to design for?
Design hubs I’d love to work for are Maud, Holler, Houston and Eskimo. Any surf or skate brand. I’ve been lucky enough to tackle almost every big brand you could think of! A large variety of the big corporate super giants like Coca Cola, Audi, Cadbury, P&O Cruises, Amex and everything in between from many different industries so I would like to mix it up and nail some more unique and playful briefs from some ‘cooler’ brands or do some conceptual stuff for some fashion labels.


Share your best bit of design advice with us!
Always keep up your personal development, be confident but not cocky and back your gut. If you’re naturally a good designer instinct can out weigh experience.

What do you like about being an Artisan candidate?
Creatives are well looked after and Artisan have great communications.

Why would you recommend Artisan to a fellow creative?
Because they’re a go-to choice for employers which creates variety and scope for creative people.

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