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the digital age arrives at corporate in house!

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Corporate Digital
Digital isn't just the domain of kids and 'cutting edge' any more.
The digital age arrives at corporate in house!

Most people have a Facebook profile? Or a smart phone? Or an Ipad? Or, at bare minimum, a computer...right? Technology is the new black and nowadays, you can 'like' and 'poke' someone without being arrested for indecent assault. With our world so full of new, ground breaking technology, we can safely assume that the corporate world has already full embraced it, surely? You might be surprised.

If there is one thing we have observed over the past 12 months, it is the corporate world racing to come to grips with technology fuelled by the dawning realisation that technology is, perhaps, leaving them behind.

We've felt it in the way companies talk about their job descriptions for new roles. They kind of know what they're looking for but still not entirely sure about the terminology or, in some cases, what it even actually means.

I have a story to share. I was once taking a brief from a client who was keen to get a website built. "What language?", I asked. "English", was the response. Unsure of if they were joking or not, I quietly qualified a little more until I realised that they had no idea what I had meant by asking what language the website would be coded in. To be completely honest, I couldn't blame the poor client I was speaking with because their understanding of new technology is not too dissimilar to others who exist within the corporate in house.

While corporate companies are beginning to step it up when it comes to social media and SEO optimisation, they're still often largely unaware of what they need when it comes to front end designers, back end developers and flash action scripters. Joomla sounds too much like something from Star Wars and Drupal sounds like something you should see a doctor about - not languages that you use to fine tune some of the most cutting edge websites in.

Which leads us all to the question; what is the corporate design world really looking for with new media?

From our experience speaking with clients, they're keen to find people that can do EDM's (e-newsletters) in Dreamweaver and know how to distribute them, perhaps a little bit of Flash animation (not Action Script) in order to get the odd banner put together and, lastly, some web design for purely look and feel (no backend).

If the client says that a little bit of HTML knowledge wouldn't hurt, check out what they're actually still doing in HTML given how dated it actually is. Impress them with your understanding that Wordpress is the way forward and that HTML is SO 2004.

When push comes to shove, we'd always recommend that a creative should always aim to keep developing their skills, especially if they have a passion around something like new media. Websites like can offer inexpensive tutorials that will help develop those skills easily for creatives who are a eager to load up an application and give it a go. Of course, clients will always want to see commercial experience over something you've done at home however having these skills up your sleeve for those moments when you can put them to best use is always going to pay off in the long run.

No matter how you want to look at it, technology is here to stay. While the need for print will never disappear, those with a limited budget want value for money, and that means making use of the benefits that mediums online have to offer. For the creative community, they can embrace the opportunity to explore their abilities in new technology or find themselves being left behind.