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christmas survival checklist

Tips to get you through the night...: Creative Interactive-Designer Recruitment, Part-Time Creative Macintosh-Operator Positions Canberra, Junior Brand Recruitment, Freelance Advertising UX-Designer Recruitment Australia, Permanent Mid-to-Senior User-Interface-Designer Jobs Melbourne
Tips to get you through the night...
Follow our tips to make this your most enjoyable Christmas and New Year yet.
With Christmas literally weeks away, we’ve come up with a list of useful tips to help you ensure you can survive another Christmas with both your work flow and sanity intact.

Annual Leave

Inevitably, people will take a well earned break over the Christmas period. However, the modern world rarely allows for time off and still insists on getting the work done.

Is your studio adequately covered over the Christmas and New Year break?

Pre-booking freelance assistance can help ease the stress by ensuring your studio has enough resources to cover those on going and last minute requests from your clients.

It also means that your own staff can truly relax over their break and you can offer a grateful freelancer work over a notoriously quiet period.

Say "YES!" To That Visit

During this time of year, you will get requests from suppliers (such as Artisan) to come out, say hello and catch up on your year.

Even if you find yourself frantically busy, these are meetings that ultimately strengthen the understanding of your creative needs and build on the relationship.

A half an hour now can lead to a better understanding of the direction of your business, new requirements that you might have and an opportunity to express the level of satisfaction you have about the quality of service being offered.

In turn, it can ensure that your suppliers are giving you the best quality resources that you need as you enter into the new year.

Besides, you might just get a free coffee, lunch or present from it!

Go Online To Save Time

We know the story; you’re a creative. You work long hours. You meet a lot of deadlines. It’s no wonder we find ourselves so time poor.

And then Christmas is looming and there is the mad, frantic late night shopping headaches trying to find presents when all your really want is to get to the next Christmas Party or home for some rest.

Perhaps take a leaf out of the shopping habits of Generation Y and experience online gift shopping. Sites such as or can offer big discounts on a wide range of items and have it delivered direct to your door.

Make Sure You Have Fun

It’s bad enough that the news is filled with doom and gloom let alone deadlines, long hours, gift shopping and fights over whether Christmas music should be played in the office or not. In fact, it would be all too easy to forget to have some fun.

Company culture should never be under-estimated. For many employees, the ‘vibe’ of a work place is going to rate as one of their key motivators for staying in a job and often a fun vibe will be the difference between the day being ‘busy’ or ‘intolerable’.

It’s important for everyone to remember that they each contribute towards that culture; from the top all the way down. So, if you’ve got the task of managing a team working long and stressful hours, make sure you keep in mind how you can make their day just that little bit more enjoyable while they work and you’ll be rewarded with a great vibe and strong productivity.

Even if it is just to show some gratitude for their excellent work - or buying a few drinks for those staying back late - the simple acts can often make the biggest differences.

Of course, popping on the new Artisan – The Album Volume 3 is sure to lift the vibe anywhere!

And lastly...

Artisan has had a remarkable 2008. From our debut on the BRW Fast 100 list through to our 10th birthday, we would have to rate 2008 as being our best year yet.

We’ve had staff have babies, expecting and get married. We’ve continued to grow, welcoming new members to our team as well as welcoming back a few old faces from the past.

We’ve sponsored AGIdeas and Ad School and look forward to being involved with more events in the new year.

However, we couldn’t do all of this without our brilliant candidates and our fantastic clients. Sure, we offer great value for money that people have come to know and trust however we love the fact that we get to spend our day talking with our candidate and client friends.

And for that, we say THANK YOU and we look forward to seeing you in 2009.

If you have any other suggestions on how to survive this crazy but loveable period we know as Christmas and New Year, then send it through! Email your thoughts to