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are social networking sites the new 'cv'?

Are Social Networking Sites The New 'CV'?: Temp Multimedia Illustrator Recruitment, Design Interactive-Designer Recruitment Hobart, Government Finished-Art Recruitment, Senior Corporate Creative-Director Recruitment Australia, Part-Time Mid-weight Digital-Agency Motion-Graphic-Art Careers Australia
Are Social Networking Sites The New 'CV'?
More honest than a CV? Is LinkedIn going to make the humble CV obsolete?
Most people are beginning to have an awareness about LinkedIn. In terms of social networking sites, it's the Facebook for the professional world, proving to be the new version of 'let's do lunch'. And according to social media expert, Michael Specht, LinkedIn profiles are going to be far more useful and honest than your humble CV because of the fact that they're open to public scrutiny.

I have an LinkedIn profile. Well, 'sorta'. I started one however I never completed it. I can be found on the site however the information is, at best, sketchy. Much like a CV, LinkedIn is only ever going to be as useful as the time you invest into it to complete, maintain and update. However, there is no denying that social networking sites are becoming more and more popular, convenient and 'the way of the future'.

According to Specht, once a member of the networking site has more than 10 connections recruiters say the quality of their profile is higher than that of their actual resume.

In the US, recruitment agencies have begun turning to social networking sites like Twitter to promote their opportunities. This trend hasn't really caught on in the Australia however, if the US are leading the way, it would appear that we are approaching a time when job boards may feel a decrease in their number of ads as people turn to more innovative means such as Twitter and LinkedIn to resource their requirements.

"In the US there is far more experimentation going on," says Specht, "and people are far more open to trying new things, and not afraid of failure". However, Australia seems to be more interested in ensuring a guarantee of success before it would consider trying more lateral uses of modern technology.

LinkedIn themselves have caught on to the fact that people are using their site a little more creatively than even what they may have originally imagined. If you happen to be in Glasgow at the end of the month, you could attend a training day on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Recruitment Secrets. However, would a website have the ability to replace the personal interaction that is often (ironically) lost with social networking sites? This may be the next frontier when it comes to the social networking world.

What do you think of LinkedIn, Twitter and is it possible that your CV may jump from being a handful of pages to a web page? Have you resourced via LinkedIn or Twitter and what have your experiences been? If you have a story to share, why not email us and we'll publish your story in a future Xpose.