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the heide museum of modern art

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The Heide Museum of Modern Art
The Heide Museum of Modern Art Victoria
Tucked in amongst the trees of Heidelberg Melbourne sits a museum boasting as much art as it does history. It wasn’t until 1980 when it’s owners John and Sunday Reed sold the property and donated part of their art collection to the Victorian State Government, that it became known as the Heide Museum of Modern Art. In 1981 the Reeds died, dream fulfilled, only 10 days apart from each other.

Previous to 1980, the Reeds had developed their home into a communal lodging attracting like-minded individuals and artists who would stay for long periods to explore their creativity. Some of whom are still well-known today – Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, Joy Hester and John Perceval to name a few.

John and Sunday Reed were heavily involved in the modernist movement in Australia and so later their collection included works from artists they called friends such as Arthur Boyd, Charles Blackman, Fred Williams and Edwyn Tanner. Many of these artist-friends were associated with the local development of expressionism, social realism and surrealism.

The Reeds had always intended their home to be a live-in gallery. Initially starting with a simple farm cottage on an expanse of land, the Reeds engaged a young architect David McGlashan to construct a second edition to their first home they’d fondly called Heide I. Heide II was built with the Reed’s brief in mind; that it be romantic, have a sense of mystery and to be a home for their art collection. So in 1967 Heide II was finished and from that time the Reeds occupied Heidi II until 1980. Heide III has since been built completing the set; Heide I dedicated to the Reeds’ own collection, Heide II the collection and displays and Heide III special exhibitions, projects and programs.

Taking full advantage of the museums enormous landscape, the Reeds placed two outdoor installations within the grounds, which paved the way for the concept of a sculpture park to take priority in the museum. Since 1981, the sculpture park has grown to include over thirty outdoor installations that can be seen nestled within the grounds, like silent personalities waiting to be discovered.. The most recent of which is Fiona Hall’s native rockery garden featuring three Silver Princess Trees that span the face of Heide III.

A great place to start in terms of art education, the Heide Museum of Modern Art offers school visits, resources and professional development activities that are bound to provide an enormous breadth of material on modern art, contemporary art and Australian art history. But if you’re after a more leisurely experience, the Museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm at a small admission cost.

Currently the museum is featuring Forever Young: 30 years of the Heide Collection, an exhibition running till April 22, 2012. The exhibition is a culmination of some of the earliest works, right through to pieces acquired in the 1970s from the Reeds own collection.

For more information on the Heide Museum of Modern Art, visit: The Heide Museum